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Professional Services

Make your company's next move easy and stress-free

We've helped clients from all kinds of industries relocate, from lawyers and accountants to marketing agencies. We go beyond packing and unpacking your business assets by providing relocation assistance for employees, and advice on filling out visa applications for international moves.

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Our services

From helping you move the contents of your office, to assisting employees with the move, we can make the process quick and easy.

Seamless office relocation for local, interstate, and international moves

WridgWays has been helping businesses like accountancy firms, lawyers, and marketing offices move locations for decades. We actually completed the first international office relocation. We use industry leading technology solutions to keep you in the loop with timeframes and financials.

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Employee relocations

When employees need to move for a new job, it can often feel overwhelming for both them and their families. We help employees with every aspect of the moving process, from providing tips on their new city, to helping search for new schools for their children. We provide a full moving service, so employees and their loved ones can focus on other important aspects of the upcoming move.

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Visa and immigration

When an employee is being relocated overseas, they'll need to apply for a visa. We provide assessment consultations, consular services, and compliance support. We can also help train and educate employees on how to negotiate the visa application. Our expert team has performed these services for our clients for decades. We know visa and immigration processes inside and out.

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Frequently asked questions

How can you help my marketing agency move offices?

WridgWays has helped many agencies relocate to new office spaces. We'll help take care of packing and unpacking, transferring and connecting your utilities, and setting up your technology. We can do all this with minimal disruption, so your business will experience hardly any downtime.

I need to help a new accountancy employee relocate, how can you help?

We take care of the moving process for employees and their families, so they can focus on the more important things. We do more than just pack and unpack their homes. We'll also provide information about the new place they are moving to, and assist with visa and immigration applications if necessary.

What happens if something goes wrong, and the new office isn't ready for occupation?

WridgWays has secure storage facilities all over the country, as well as internationally. So, we can store your business assets there short-term or long-term, depending on when your new address is ready.

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