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10 things to know before you move to Adelaide

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10 things to know before you move to Adelaide
Adelaide CBD shopping centreAdelaide CBD shopping centre
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December 1, 2016
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Your guide to moving to Adelaide

Moving to Adelaide is a big deal and there will be a lot on your mind while you’re moving. Before you move it’s important to be prepared for what your life is going to look like. If you’re not sure what life in Adelaide is like, you can use this guide to help you. This will mean you have a better idea of what to expect when moving to Adelaide

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The shops close early on the weekend

Moving to Adelaide means that you’ll need to know how the city works. If you’re planning on hitting the shops in Adelaide then it’s important to know that most shops shut at 5 pm on Sundays. You will need to plan ahead with any shopping you need to do so you don’t miss out.

There is a lot of local food available

Adelaide is very well-known for the availability of local food and beverages. If you enjoy eating out and tasting a range of local and foreign cuisines then you’ll enjoy living in Adelaide. Locals are also very proud of their produce so people will expect you to try their local wares.

It’s a great place for weekend trips

When you’re living in Adelaide it’s easy to get out and explore the surrounding areas. There’s plenty to keep you occupied and everything is very close to Adelaide. You’ll be able to plan lots of exciting weekend trips, or simply get out for a day to explore the coastline.

Accommodation is affordable and easy to find

Compared to some of the other major cities in Australia, the housing prices in Adelaide are very affordable. You will find that you can buy a four-bedroom home with a backyard for less than $500,000 in Adelaide. There are also properties available close to the city at an affordable price, making it easy to get the best of both worlds.

Adelaide is a very quiet city

People living in Adelaide enjoy a very peaceful lifestyle. It’s a quiet city, especially compared to the other capital cities in Australia, so you won’t have to put up with bad traffic and large crowds. If you enjoy the country lifestyle with the convenience of living in a city, then Adelaide will be the perfect place for you.

People in Adelaide hibernate during winter

If you’re moving to Adelaide you will need to know that during winter the locals like to hibernate. This means that it will often be very quiet during winter, as most people don’t like to go out. You won’t have any problems getting a restaurant reservation during winter, but don’t expect many people to want to head out with you.

The wine region is very accessible from Adelaide

Moving to Adelaide means that you will have the Barossa Valley on your doorstep. It’s easy to explore the wine region around Adelaide when you live so close, so if you love wine then you’re definitely going to love Adelaide. There are some great areas nearby for wine lovers to explore, including Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, and Langhorne Creek.

Adelaide has great beaches

The beaches in Adelaide are very popular among locals and tourists during summer. With great beaches just around the corner, you won’t have to drive very far to find the perfect spot to relax. Some of the more popular beaches include Glenelg, Brighton, and Port Noarlunga. There are plenty more to explore if you prefer quieter beaches too.

Summer can be very dry

Summer in Adelaide can be very dry and hot, so you can expect to see a lot of dead grass during the warmer months. South Australia is the driest state in Australia which means you will probably want to spend most of your summer indoors or at the beach. If you’re an indoor plant person, be prepared to lose many of your favourite plants over summer.

The main sport to follow is the AFL

Even if you’re not into sport, if you’re moving to Adelaide you’ll need to be prepared for the rivalry. Australian Rules Football (or AFL) is very big in Adelaide with two teams dividing the city against each other. Locals will expect you to pick between either Port Adelaide or the Adelaide Crows, and when these teams compete you’ll find the city talks about nothing else.

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