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10 things to know before you move to Melbourne

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10 things to know before you move to Melbourne
Melbourne Southbank riverMelbourne Southbank river
Moving interstate
January 1, 2020
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Your Guide to Moving to Melbourne

Moving to a new city is always exciting, but it can be a culture shock as well. Before you move it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into. Melbourne is a unique city beloved by its locals, but there’s a lot you might not know about it. Here are some of the important things to know before you move to Melbourne.M

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1. The weather is volatile

Although you’ve probably already heard the cliché that Melbourne has four seasons in one day, this cliché is, well, true. Melbourne weather is unpredictable and it’s important to always be prepared. No matter what time of year it is the weather could change in an instant.

Make sure you always keep a jacket, umbrella, and sunglasses handy in case you’re caught off guard. It’s a good idea to check the weather every morning as well, as the weather can change throughout the week.

2. AFL is important

Melbourne AFL

One of the things that Melbourne locals love is sports, and AFL in particular. Fans go crazy for AFL games and locals will fiercely protect their teams. If you’re hoping to become a local yourself you will almost definitely need to choose a team.

Many people will pick a team based on the suburb you live in. If this doesn’t help you, then search online for which teams are the best and go from there. If you have any friends locally, maybe ask for their advice as well. They’ll probably be biased though.

3. Suburbs are hard to pronounce

There are a lot of suburbs in Melbourne that have names that look simple to pronounce but actually aren’t. If you want to make sure you sound like a local it’s a good idea to learn the lingo and work out which suburbs aren’t what they seem.

  • Berwick is pronounced ‘berrick’,
  • Northcote is pronounced ‘northcut’
  • Narre Warren is pronounced ‘narry warren’ just to name a few.

If you’re not sure how to pronounce a suburb name, wait for someone else to say it so you can learn from them!

4. Rent is either expensive or cheap (depending where you’re from)

If you’ve moved from Sydney, Melbourne rental prices may not seem so bad. Coming from other Australian cities though, the rent in Melbourne can seem high. If you’re not used to paying more than $400 a week for an inner-city apartment, then prepare for a culture shock. When you’re moving to Melbourne you’ll need to think about where you’re going to live.

The further out of the city you live in Melbourne, the cheaper it will get. It’s a good idea not to expect inner-city living to be as cheap as in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Rental prices may not be as high as Sydney but they are still up there.

5. Yes, the coffee is actually better

Melbourne coffee

Anyone in Melbourne can tell you that the coffee here is amazing. Not only are there more places to find it, but the quality and diversity is arguably the best in Australia. Melbourne locals love their coffee and are happy to pay more to get it.

If you’re a novice coffee drinker, now is a good time to learn more. You’ll find great cafes around every corner serving every possible type of milk that you can imagine. If you love coffee, then you’ll definitely love Melbourne.

6. Public transport requires a Myki card

If you’re moving to Melbourne and want to use public transport you’ll need to have a Myki card. There are no paper tickets in Melbourne, so you’ll need to make sure you pick up a Myki card. You can buy these from train stations, 7-Eleven stores, and a range of other locations.

Myki cards are easy to use and can are even available through Google Pay and other smartphone apps. You tap on at Myki readers at train stations, on buses, and on trams, and then tap off again when you get off.

7. Watch out for parking inspectors

Parking inspectors are unforgiving in Melbourne. It’s important that you stick to the signs if you want to avoid having the council tow your car. It may not seem like a big deal to park in a clearway zone for a few minutes, but those few minutes could cost you a large fine.

Make sure you’re always on the lookout for safe parking zones. It’s safer to park in the right areas that have to pay to get your car out of the compound. You never know when a parking inspector could be lurking around the corner.

8. The people are friendly

Despite what you may hear, people in Melbourne are very friendly. Locals are happy to make new friends and will welcome you into their friendship group with no hesitation. People in Melbourne are open-minded and accepting of diversity.

If you’re hoping to meet some new people and network while you’re in Melbourne then you may be in luck. With so much to do in Melbourne it will be easy to meet more like-minded people.

9. The bay does not have great beaches

Melbourne Great Ocean Road

People may tell you that Melbourne has beautiful beaches, but if you’re used to beaches in New South Wales, Queensland, or Western Australia, you’ll find this isn’t true. While the views may be great, the beaches themselves are lacking in quality.

You’ll find the beaches are flat and very narrow, with people packed in as tightly as possible in summer. Luckily, the Great Ocean Road offers a great range of beaches only a short drive away. You can also head down to Wilsons Promontory for spectacular beach views.

10. There are different road rules

It’s important to remember that different states have different rules and regulations. The main difference you will find are the hook turns in the Melbourne CBD. These are designed to keep traffic moving even during peak hour. If you’re turning right at an intersection that says ‘Right Turn from Left Only’, you’ll need to do a hook turn.

This means you’ll approach the intersection from the left lane and indicate that you’re turning right. Then you’ll move forward to the far left side of the intersection, in front of traffic. Stay stopped until the traffic lights on the road you are turning onto turn green, then turn right.

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