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6 tips for finding the perfect rental property

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6 tips for finding the perfect rental property
Sunlit living room, perfect rental propertySunlit living room, perfect rental property
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July 16, 2013
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Get a leg up in the rental property search

So you’re looking for a place to rent? While it’s such an exciting time, many of us know the rental market can be quite a competitive one and finding your dream home can be a difficult task if you’re not properly prepared. That’s where we are here to help!

Follow these 6 easy steps and you will have the keys to your perfect rental property in no time!

1. Start early – When it comes to rental properties, it’s true that the early bird catches the worm. Begin your search early to improve your chances of finding the perfect place. Sources say that the best time to start looking is at the end of the previous month, when inventory is the highest. So this means if you need to be out of your current home on the 1st of August, it’s best to start checking out places and attending inspections around June 25th.

2. Prioritise those wants and needs – We all fall for fancy extras, like a spa bath or a great decor scheme, but don’t let these things take your attention away from what will really matter when you move in. Things to consider are the size of the home, the location and proximity to public transport and the pet policy, for those of you who have fury loved ones. After you’re sure you have these necessities covered, think about some of those extras you’d love to have to help narrow your search, like the stainless-steel appliances, sundeck etc.

3. Preparation is the key – Renting is different to buying a house in that it’s a rather speedy process! This is why it pays to be prepared when your dream place comes along. It typically only takes two to three days for a real estate agent to approve your application, and you don’t want to risk losing a place you really love because you couldn’t track down your old landlord for a reference or get your credit check done in time. Make sure you have things like references prepared and available to receive calls from real estate agents ahead of time.

4. Get your credit in check – Having good credit rating is just as important for renting a place as it is for buying one. The better your credit score, the more chance you have of getting your dream home and the more negotiating power you have. If you don’t have a particularly decent credit score, the landlord is less likely to budge on the rent and may sometimes require you to pay a few months’ rent up front. In each rental property you’re living try and maintain the property in its best condition – this will not only help the landlord, future tenants but yourself, as you will maintain a high credit rating.

5. Get some insight – Talk to the current tenants and/or potential neighbours to find out things like how accessible the landlord is in the event of problems arising, what repairs, if any need to be done to the property, and whether the couple next door likes to throw loud parties. Previous tenants will surely be more than happy to share this information with you, if you are willing to ask.

6. Call in the removalists prior to moving day – With everything else you need to arrange prior to moving into your new dream property; disconnecting and re-connecting the gas, electricity and water bills, cleaning the home, any renovations – you don’t want to be left with the packing and moving as well! That’s where WridgWays come in! Allow our highly trained, professional team of removalists will take care of the packing and safe transportation of your treasured possessions. Your furniture and household items will arrive at your new rental property safe and sound.

WridgWays Removalists is an established local, interstate and international removalist with the years of experience necessary for a smooth, easy move. WridgWays Removalists has 125 years of experience moving Australian families.

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