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Choosing schools in Tauranga

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Choosing schools in Tauranga
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August 1, 2020
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How do I choose a school in Tauranga?

If you are moving to New Zealand and have children, often top of the list when you move is to find a suitable school. There are a variety of schools in the Tauranga region, and with everything from small rural primary schools to secondary schools you can find the perfect school for your child!

When you move from Australia to Tauranga, WridgWays is here to make the transition to living in a new country easy. We can assist with all aspects of your move, from packing and storage to settling you in.

The New Zealand education system

In New Zealand formal education begins in year 1 (at age 5), and depending on the school, students may finish in year 6 or year 8. Secondary school begins in year 7 or 9, with year 13 being the final year of secondary education.  

Types of schools

There are three types of schools  - State, State Integrated and Private.

State schools

State schools are fully funded by the government and fees are not charged for tuition of domestic students New Zealand citizens and permanent residents and Australian citizens, although a donation is requested.

State integrated schools

A state integrated school is a former private school with a special character based on a religious or philosophical belief that has been integrated into the state system. State integrated schools charge "attendance dues" to cover the building and maintenance of school buildings, which are not owned by the government, but otherwise they like state schools cannot charge fees for tuition of domestic students but may request a donation.

Private schools

Private Schools charge fees to its students for tuition, as do state and state integrated schools for tuition of international students.

Schools in Tauranga

Choosing a school

There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a school. Do you need to be in an enrolment zone? Do you have a preference for a single sex or co-educational learning?

For information about schools in the Bay of Plenty region you can search the Education Counts website for single sex or co-educational schools and boarding schools in the region. You can also search to see which schools are in your enrolment zone. Note that not all schools have enrolment zones.  

The Education Counts website provides information on individual schools student population, website and street address as well as a link to their education review office report.

How to Enrol

Once you have decided on a school, you will need to contact the school directly to enquire about their enrolment process.  

It is worth noting that New Zealand residents or citizens, permanent residents or student visa holders (based on your temporary working visa) are eligible to enrol as domestic students. If they don't meet the above criteria, they may be able to enrol as an international student.  

You can visit the New Zealand Now website for further information on the New Zealand school system.

Choosing a good school, which is the right fit for your child, can go a long way to them finding their feet and settling down quickly in their new home.

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