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Don’t get caught with hidden costs and dodgy removalists!

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Don’t get caught with hidden costs and dodgy removalists!
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May 21, 2013
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Always choose a reputable removalist for your peace of mind

Don’t get caught out. Recent media stories highlight the growing number of dodgy removalists in the industry!

The number of untrustworthy removalists popping up is increasing at an alarming pace. Moving house is enough of a testing time in one’s life that you shouldn’t have to worry about hidden costs, if your dining table will arrive scratched and chipped or whether your precious plasma TV will be misplaced by your removalist. But unfortunately, this is a growing concern for many moving. Among the top gripes are complaints about damaged or lost goods, hidden costs and unreasonable charges.

But this certainly isn’t the case with all removalists. Invest in the services of a professional and highly experienced moving company and save yourself this unnecessary stress. Here you won’t find ANY hidden costs and receiving your items damaged is a very rare thing!

Before any final decisions are made, consider the all-important below points in choosing a reputable moving company:

Hidden Costs – Be aware, there are some removal companies that will try and squeeze every penny out of you. They might neglect to tell you about their added cost to travel from the depot to your home or increase the final price because the move took longer than expected. Ask your removalist about extra charges such as callout fees or costs from the depot. Companies that charge by the hour are generally where you will find this. Choosing a removalist company with the cheapest hourly rate, means they’re more likely to employ poorly-trained removalists. WridgWays will not charge you for callout fees or the cost of travelling to or from the depot. In fact, the one firm quotation you receive will indicate the total conclusive costs of your move. Any reputable moving company will be happy to answer any questions and explain their quote to you in finer detail.


One of the first questions to ask is whether the company is a registered member of the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA). Members of AFRA are only accredited when they have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional move. All furniture removalists in the organisation must be fully trained in accordance with AFRA’s stringent training criteria. You will feel at ease using an AFRA accredited company like WridgWays, as rest assured, your removal team will treat your goods with the same care and respect you would give yourself. We recommended using a company that has been in the removals business for decades, to ensure credibility.


Do some research online. Check out the customer testimonials on your removalist’s websites. This is always a true indication of how successful their moving services really are. Real life insights into past moves will help you make an informed decision about who to go ahead with and who to cut out.

Furniture protection

In recent media, Victoria’s consumer affairs have reported an average of four or more complaints a week about dodgy removalists, many of these due to goods being damaged during transit. Don’t be afraid to ask how your removalist will protect your treasured furniture. Reputable removalists will happily explain or show you exactly the types of specialized wrappinfg materials, cartons and protective plastics are used to transport your precious household goods to your new home. These are the companies that understand the emotional attachment to your goods. If you find you’re getting brief explanations without any demonstration, its best to try elsewhere.

The all important insurance

It’s terrible to think your goods could be damaged or worse still, go missing while travelling to your new home. Even if you have bubble-wrapped every ornament and written ‘FRAGILE’ in big red letters on all the important boxes, you can never predict what can happen on moving day. However careful your movers are, unforeseen circumstances like collisions or extreme weather situations can sometimes occur. A comprehensive removal insurance policy covers damage caused by unexpected events like collisions, fires or floods. Check the insurance policy of your removalists to see what they cover and what the excess is. Ask to see a product disclosure statement and a financial guidance statement. If they don’t have one, they shouldn’t be selling insurance and shouldn’t be trusted. Don’t be tempted to forego insurance, especially for those sentimental items.

Don’t get caught out with unreliable removalists. It pays to invest in the services of a professional, experienced and accredited moving company, like WridgWays.

WridgWays Removalists is an established local, interstate and international removalist with the years of experience necessary for a smooth, easy move. WridgWays Removalists has 125 years of experience moving Australian families.

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