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Hobart restaurants and cafes you need to tick off

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July 25, 2019
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The best in Hobart

Finding a spot to eat in a new city can sometimes feel like an ordeal, and for the foodies out there the fear of missing out (FOMO) can sometimes be too much.

Where do you start? For those who have just relocated to Tasmania’s capital, we’re here to point you in the right direction of some Hobart restaurants and cafes.

These aren’t your typical dining experiences, and you will be doing yourself a favour if you add at least a few of these to your Tasmanian bucket list. Once you have settled in after your move to Hobart, or even if you’re just visiting, you can start exploring these restaurants and cafes.

The best Hobart restaurants and cafes for all occasions

Hobart offers an eclectic mix of culinary delights. If you’re moving to the Tasmanian capital, it’s time to get excited about these hidden (and not so hidden) gems.

For Breakfast: The Machine Laundry Cafe

Machine Laundry Cafe Cafes Hobart Restaurants

Image: Stuckintransit.com.au

If you have experienced the foodie culture of Melbourne, you will find this cafe reminiscent of those you may find in Fitzroy and Brunswick, and it is a pleasant surprise to discover this prime example of a delightful hipster cafe in the middle of downtown Hobart.

This Hobart cafe is a little confusing when you first walk in, due to the line of industrial washing machines, lining the length of the cafe, deceptively tumbling people’s washing.

Once the confusion subsides, you will soon notice that there are chairs and tables nearby, inviting you in for some brunch. Phew!

The menu at Machine Laundry Cafe is as intriguing as the decor. Although offering the creature comforts of eggs on toast and Eggs Benedict, delve deeper into this menu and you will discover weird and wacky (but delightfully delicious) dishes like “The Lame Name Dish” and “Parmesan and Pancetta Pancakes”.

This is must-visit if you’re on the hunt for food and a bit of morning inspiration.

Foodies say:

  • “My favourite part was the Dutch hot chocolate!!”
  • “A great cafe tucked away in Salamanca Square.”
  • “The tiramisu brioche is the bomb!”
  • “Friendly servers and quick service.”

For a Burger: The Standard, Hobart

The Stanadard Hobart Restaurants Cafes

There comes a time when you need to put the green juice down and indulge a little in some greasy goodness.

And by that, we mean perfectly melted cheese over juicy meat between a brioche bun. Sloppiness and all.

Featuring an industrial, back-street feel, this exposed brick building proves as a casual setting to chow-down on a moreish meal.

The menu highlights at this burger institute include the Cowboy Burger, All American, and Bacon Bad. The standard accompaniments are available too, so much sure to check out the different varieties of sides and fries.

With burger prices starting from $10, this a cheap eat not to be missed.  

Those who reviewed The Standard, Hobart, say:

  • “High-quality meat, cooked just perfect. Can’t fault it.”
  • “…Juicy, big and tasty, not overly messy and to top it off they were cheap.”
  • “Very hipster, but clean and spacious.”
  • “ One the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.”

For Fine Dining: Peacock and Jones

Peacock And Jones Hobart Restaurants Salamanca

Led by Head Chef, Jeff Workman, Peacock and Jones is a sophisticated space set amongst colonial history.

The open kitchen and natural materials of wood and stone go a long way to create the warm and welcoming feel of this refined restaurant.

And it is every bit refined – from the precise plating of food to the flawless front of house team.

If you choose to head down to this central Hobart restaurant, you will be in awe of the freshness of the produce, as well as the creativity and thought that has gone into every dish.

Workman seems to get it right every time, with diners’ noting that portion sizes are generous – this is not your standard fine dining experience.

Those who have dined at Peacock and Jones also said:

  • “From entering, we felt comfortable, relaxed and very welcome (no attitude here).”
  • “A true gem in a heritage listed building.”
  • “One of the best restaurants currently in Hobart.”
  • “The food is excellent, the presentation and service to be recommended.”

For Pizza: Sandy Bay Beach Wood Fired Pizza

Sandy Bay Beach Wood Fired Pizza

Image: Facebook | Sandy Bay Beach Wood Fired Pizza

Sandy Bay Beach Wood Fired Pizza is one of Hobart’s best kept secrets.

This is a no-frills sort of place. Don’t expect cutting-edge interior design or any form of pretensions whatsoever. But this is why it’s loved so dearly.

With no smoke and mirrors fogging your experience of the actual food, you’re left to sit back and enjoy every inch of the product.

Not your normal ‘take-away’ style pizza, the wood-fired pizzas offer a delicious alternative, with good quality toppings.

To top it off, Sandy Bay Beach Wood Fired Pizza offers gluten-free bases, as well as dairy-free cheese – so, it’s truly a place for all!

Those who have sampled these first class examples of wood fired pizza say:

  • “Best pizza we have had since moving to Hobart.”
  • “BEST pizza in Hobart – hands down!”
  • “Until I moved interstate in 2009, I had been a regular customer since they first opened.”
  • “We love the light wood-fired bases. Delicious fresh flavour.”

Moving interstate to Hobart will prove as an exciting adventure, with a vast list of things to do – including places to eat.

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