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Removalists 101: 5 tips for choosing the right removalists

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Removalists 101: 5 tips for choosing the right removalists
Boxes and furniture ready to be moved.Boxes and furniture ready to be moved.
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September 15, 2016
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Make sure you choose the right removalist for you

When it’s time to move, it doesn’t matter how small or large your move may seem, one of the most important things you can do is hire a removalist to help you with the process. Although it may be tempting to employ the help of your friends and family, the reality is that they are probably not trained, skilled professionals with years of experience moving. Hiring professional movers will ensure all your belongings are properly packed and protected while in transit.

The entire process of moving takes a lot of time, planning and energy. So whether you are moving intrastate or interstate, it is a breath of fresh air when you find a company that is able to effectively lighten your load. Choosing your removalist is as essential as any other decision you will make with regards to your relocation.

In order to minimise your risk and stress levels, and maximise the investment, we have compiled five critical tips to keep in mind to ensure you get the right removalist for your move.

Removalists 101: choosing the right removalists

removalists 101

1. Choose from recommended companies

Start off by researching companies that have been referred to you by word-of-mouth. Ask friends and family members who have recently moved about their chosen movers. If their experience was positive, your connections will be likely to recommend the company to you.

This is the best type of recommendation because it means the company has been tried and tested and has come out on top.

With a personal recommendation, you have the opportunity to learn about a company in intimate detail. Make the most of their experience by getting an idea of rates and quality of work by asking about the different aspects of their engagement.

Remember also to try and get recent referrals. While your cousin means well, you cannot bank on their glowing remarks about their mover from 15 years earlier. While there is no harm in researching this company, keep more recent experiences at the top of your list.

Should word-of-mouth recommendations be unavailable, check client feedback online to see what other customers have had to say about some of your top picks.

2. Removals insurance

A good removals company will be able to offer you appropriate levels of insurance to cover your belongings. Whether they can issue policies themselves or they have accredited third party partners that issue transit insurance, when it comes to movers, it is recommended that insurance always be on the table.

Some of the belongings you will be moving will likely be valuable or precious possessions. Affording the proper insurance for these items will give you peace of mind and protect you in the event that an accident occurs. While all good removals companies will do everything in their power to keep your belongings safe, it is an undeniable reality that accidents can happen from time to time, so it is best to be on the safe side and ask your prospective removalist about their insurance options.

In cases where you plan to pack your own goods and valuables, take the time to check if your insurance policy covers these items, and if not, have a chat with your consultant to find out what this means for you.

removalists 101

3. Specific and accurate estimates

In cases where you are investigating interstate removalists, it can be a challenge to get an accurate estimate. You will need to provide as many details as you can over the phone or via email, and removalists will often visit you in your home to survey your belongings or give you a rough estimate based on the information you provide.

Getting a quote from a removalist is one of the first steps in getting your move underway. WridgWays offers free no-obligation moving quotes upon request in a prompt and efficient manner. Keep in mind that while affordability is often a big consideration, ultimately, you get what you pay for. The cheapest service provider does not necessarily mean it is the best.

4. Extra services and features

While there are straightforward services like packing and transport, some companies offer a comprehensive range of service offerings like box provision, packing accessories and unpacking. Often, reputable companies will either include these additional services in their packages or offer these to you at a competitive rate.

The ability to offer services beyond the basic is a measure of a company’s ability to innovate and provide an all-encompassing service to customers. This also speaks highly of their knowledge of the industry based on experiences with previous customers.

WridgWays offer a number of additional moving services, which include packing, unpacking, cleaning, pet transport, storage, and much more.

removalists 101

5. Check credentials

Once you have settled on a removalist company or have narrowed it down to the final few, it is now time to look into their background and credentials. This step should not be missed because, for international and interstate removals, it is important to ensure you find a licensed and experienced mover.

This is the time to check if a company is accredited to industry organisations. In Australia, the Australian Furniture Removers Association is the key governing body for professional removalists companies.

As a general rule, look into hiring a company that has been in service for at least 10 years, with a good standing reputation.

WridgWays Removalists is an established local, interstate and international removalist with the years of experience necessary for a smooth, easy move. WridgWays Removalists has 125 years of experience moving Australian families.

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