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5 reasons to store your goods

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5 reasons to store your goods
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January 1, 2017
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The top 5 reasons people need storage are:

It is inevitable that there will come a time in our lives when we will need to part with and store our precious household items for the short or long term.

The top 5 reasons people need storage are:

  • Moving overseas – moving overseas can be expensive, particularly in you pack and move furniture and personal effects you don’t need. Moving house overseas provides a great opportunity to cull and sort to reduce your furniture removal costs. Storage is the perfect short or long-term solution for your cherished belongings and are safely waiting for you upon your return.
  • Renovating – or expanding your home is an exciting project. The anticipation of re modelling your home or adding space opens a whole new level of possibilities. Renovations do however entail a lot of preparation even before the actual hard work begins. Store your belongings safely out of the way during the renovation process by using secure storage. You will have peace of mind knowing your goods are in the safe hands of our removalists.
  • Taking an extended holiday – as much as you know you should be relaxing, there will probably be a little part of you stressing, knowing you’ve left behind valuable items in the home. Our homes all contain valuable or sentimental belongings and thieves may try to break in and steal these even if security systems are in place. Why not put your valuable items into a temporary storage facility for your peace of mind?
  • During temporary accommodation – If you haven’t yet organised permanent accommodation at your new destination, you may initially require your household goods to be stored temporarily while in short term accommodation. WridgWays can certainly arrange this for you. If you require any of your possessions while in temporary accommodation, we will arrange the prompt delivery of your urgently required clothing, children’s toys, etc.
  • Difficult times – unfortunately there may be difficulties in some peoples’ lives resulting in the need to store possessions temporarily, while matters are settled. Storage is an easy and convenient option; there are no long-term contracts and you can pay on a month by month basis.
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Finding the right storage company to house your precious personal items can be a challenging process, after all, you want your favorite dining set or brand new flat screen TV to be treated with the same care that you give it at home. WridgWays can help take the uncertainty out of your decision. Our storage facilities are among the best in the world! All goods entering or leaving our storage facilities are subject to strict inventory checks. Using specifically constructed modular storage containers your goods will remain secure, clean and pest proof! We even have a VIP area for those extra special belongings. With 30 branches located Australia-wide a WridgWays storage facility is bound to be close by.

Whenever you need your belongings, sit back and relax while we safely deliver back to you. We are more than happy to work in with your needs. We make it easy!

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