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Sydney property market: five affordable suburbs to rent

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Sydney property market: five affordable suburbs to rent
Sydney suburbs aerial photo.Sydney suburbs aerial photo.
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July 20, 2017
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Find your ideal place to live in Sydney

Sydney is easily one of the priciest Australian cities for renters and buyers alike, yet its natural beauty means that many will forgive its pricey property market.

With a glistening harbour, world-renowned architecture, and a beach culture like no other, it’s no wonder there is such high demand to live in this bustling city.

Like so many others across Australia, you may be looking to make the move to Sydney for a career opportunity or just a change of scenery.

Sydney’s centre, which is well-known for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is filled to the brim with a mix of apartment living and the contrast of mansions skirting the water.

For most, squeezing into one of the small spaces in the CBD is a costly housing option, especially with the median 2-bedroom apartment cost being $900 per week. If you’re looking to relocate interstate to Sydney, then you may want to consider a rental in a suburb just out of the city.

With a robust public transport system combining trains, buses, light rail, and ferries – finding an affordable suburb out of the CBD will in no way hinder your access to the city’s main attractions.

Sydney property market: 5 Affordable suburbs to rent within 30km of the CBD

We have compiled five of the most affordable suburbs to rent in, well within 30km of the city. All of these suburbs come well under the CBD median price of $900 per week.

Beverly Hills, NSW 2209

Median Price 2-bedroom Unit $450

25-45 minute drive to Sydney CBD

40-minute public transport commute to Sydney CBD

Beverley Hills Sydney Property Market

Pictured: Beverly Hills Cinema

Those who move to Beverly Hills are more likely than not, to stay. Considering the price of property and rentals in the area, you simply cannot beat the close proximity to the main roads and highways, train stations, and the airport.

The area also features primary and secondary schools, with plenty of parks in different pockets of the area. With an impressive multicultural offering, you will be quick to try the different cuisines available in the area.

If you are moving to Sydney with kids or you’re a young couple, Beverly Hills is a community you will quickly warm to.

Monterey, NSW 2217

Median Price 2-bedroom Unit $450

25-45 minute drive to Sydney CBD

45-minute public transport commute to Sydney CBD

Monterey Sydney Property Marke
Image: Sydney.com

Located approximately 15km south of Sydney, Monterey is described by locals as “quiet and stunning”.

A suburb for both young families and professionals, Monterey is situated along the shores of Botany Bay, with Lady Robinson Beach and Cook Park scaling its eastern border.  The properties are mostly residential housing, with some multi-million dollar mansions lining the more exclusive streets, while apartment blocks and more modest houses occupying other streets.

Getting to and from the area by public transport will be a simple task, with regular buses running through the area and connecting to the nearby Rockdale Station. You will enjoy the quaint vibe, which is a contrast from the crowded, fast-paced city.

Maroubra, NSW 2035

Median Price 2-bedroom Unit $630

15-30 minute drive to Sydney CBD

30-minute public transport commute to Sydney CBD

Maroubra Best Beach Sydney Property Market

This is a suburb where Sydney property market affordability meets beachside lifestyle.

Forget the exuberant prices of overcrowded Bondi Beach and Manly. Maroubra is a hidden gem, not too far from the city, offering the same beachside lifestyle.

Apart from the welcome sea breeze attracting locals, the suburb also offers a large selection of shopping precincts, entertainment, and schools.

Make sure to invest in a wetsuit if you don’t already own one, and you will be swept up by the outgoing beach culture in no time.

Strathfield, NSW 2135

Median Price 2-bedroom Unit $540

20-35 minute drive to Sydney CBD

40-minute public transport commute to Sydney CBD

Realestate Com Au Strathfield Sydney Property Market

Strathfield is a melting pot of Federation charm, modern mansions, and built-up apartment blocks. The leafy suburb is a safe and clean environment for both younger and more mature families, with pristine parks, excellent schools, and regular train and bus services.

The protection of Federation homes in the area is one of the many features which makes this suburb shine. With a grand sense of grace filtering through the area.

Although Strathfield exudes old-world character, don’t be swayed into thinking it is relegated to retirees. In fact, the colourful suburb is extremely quick paced, with an electric energy.

Alexandria, NSW 2015

Median Price 2-bedroom Unit $660

10-20 minute drive to Sydney CBD

20-minute public transport commute to Sydney CBD

The Grounds Of Alexandria Sydney Property Market

Image: LivvyMay.com.au

Although not the most affordable on this list, that little bit extra you will be forking out to pay in comparison to the other options is justified.

For those thinking about making the interstate move to Sydney by themselves, this is the suburb where you will shine the brightest. Be ready to get out and socialise around the grounds of Alexandria.

A true “rags to riches” story – if you stepped foot in Alexandria 10 years ago, you would have found nothing but old industrial buildings, factories, and abandoned lots.

Along the way, developers discovered that Alexandria’s location (and name) was actually quite the gem.

Nowadays, this suburb is truly interesting. With an eclectic mix of Art Deco units, Victorian homes, and modern apartments, you will be quick to notice the happy mix of residents living in harmony.

Locals love the suburb for its close proximity to cafes and pubs, shopping, markets, transport, and the CBD. For an inner-city suburb, Alexandria is also surprisingly green, with parks and gardens to explore.

If you’re interested in moving interstate to Sydney and think Alexandria is the suburb for you, we recommend you get in quick. The demand for a place in this area is high!

Although there is no denying that Sydney is an expensive city to live in, its communities and beautiful surrounds will help you to forgive its exuberant prices. Moving to Sydney can be a pricey exercise, but with plenty of affordable suburbs to rent close to the hustle and bustle of the city you just need to do your research before making the big interstate move!

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