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The cost of living Adelaide

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The cost of living Adelaide
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February 1, 2020
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Understanding how much it costs to live in Adelaide

Moving to a new city can be a big change, and its important to be prepared. There will be a lot of new things to learn, and a new city to adjust to, so it’s a good idea to read up on your new city. Read our comprehensive guide on the costs of living in Adelaide.

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Finding housing in Adelaide

If you’re looking for somewhere to live in Adelaide, you’ll need to know what the Adelaide cost of living is. Adelaide is more affordable than most other major Australian cities. It’s the cheapest state to buy or rent in, making it easier to find your dream home in your desired area.

An apartment in the city will cost you between $1,326 to $2,158 per month in rent. Outside of the city centre, you will pay between $967 and $1,525 per month for an apartment. The median price of a house in Adelaide is $478,500 — which is far cheaper than the average cost of homes in Sydney or Melbourne.

Public Transport

Adelaide is connected by a series of train and bus routes. It’s very affordable, and will allow you to keep your cost of living Adelaide low. On average, a day trip on public transport will cost you between $1.87 to $10.60.

An adult MetroCard fare during peak times is $3.77, while a MetroTicket fare is $5.60. Those with a student, concession, or senior discount will be able to get cheaper fares, and seniors are able to travel for free during non-peak hours.


Although petrol prices change on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to know what petrol costs on average. Make sure to keep an eye on public holidays and school holiday periods, as these will often cause an increase in fuel prices.

The cost of fuel in Adelaide is around $1.48 per litre. This is slightly higher than the price in Melbourne, which sits at $1.45 per litre. These prices are still very affordable and will change depending on the time of year, so you can expect to pay less or more at certain times.

Food and groceries

The price of groceries and food in Adelaide is lower than in other Australian capital cities. Grocery prices in Adelaide are 5.11 per cent lower than prices in Melbourne. This will make it easier to lower your cost of living.

Milk will cost you $1.42 per litre, white rice will cost you $2.41 per kilogram, and bananas will cost you $3.19 per kilogram. Dining out is also pretty affordable in Adelaide. Restaurant prices in Adelaide are 5.71 per cent lower than in Sydney. A three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant will cost around $70 for two people.


On average, utilities in Adelaide cost around $205.64 per month. This includes basic electricity, heating, cooling, and water. You may choose to pay for extras so you’ll need to factor this into your cost of living Adelaide.

Internet here will cost you around $71.10 per month for unlimited data on cable or ADSL. This is slightly cheaper than the cost of internet in Sydney. Mobile photo data is also very cheap in Adelaide. You will pay around $0.30 for a one-minute prepaid call here.


Your cost of living in Adelaide will need to factor in recreational entertainment. A cinema ticket in Adelaide will only cost you $15, compared to $20 in Sydney. To rent a tennis court for one hour, you’ll pay around $4.38, while a fitness club membership will cost you $56.69 per month.

If you enjoy shopping, you’ll find clothes are more affordable here. A pair of jeans that would cost you $105.26 in Melbourne will only cost you $81 in Adelaide. You can also look at getting streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, or Amazon Prime in Adelaide, which will allow you to access entertainment at an affordable rate.

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*All data sourced from Experian, and is accurate as of October 2019.

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