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​The pros and cons of country living

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​The pros and cons of country living
Aerial photo of farmland in rural AustraliaAerial photo of farmland in rural Australia
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April 23, 2019
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What’s it really like living in country Australia?

The country lifestyle is becoming more and more appealing to people living in cities. While people still enjoy living in the city, the more peaceful lifestyle that can be found by living in rural Australia is drawing more people out of the commotion and into the open spaces of the outback. Rural life might not be for everyone though and it is worth considering what is best for you and your family before making the big move.

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The pros

Relaxed lifestyle

Living in country Australia means that you will enjoy a much more relaxed pace of life away from the city. Out in the country you can relax, enjoy the beautiful surrounds, spend time with your family, and soak up the atmosphere.

There are always things to do and places to explore in rural areas as well. You can find national parks, walking trails, swimming spots, and great lookouts everywhere you go. The communities here also often organise activities to keep people connected, as it is easy to feel isolated so far away from everyone else.

Warm and welcoming people

group of people living in country australia

The people in rural Australia are very warm and welcoming. Small towns in the outback often have very close-knit communities, as everyone is very close and knows everyone else well. People are always willing to help out and pitch in as needed. If you’re ever in trouble, your neighbours are sure to lend a hand.

You’ll also find that the people in rural Australia are much friendlier than those in the city. It will be easy to meet new people and make friends when the people around you are always willing to have a chat. While people in cities can be friendly, the atmosphere in rural towns is much friendlier and you will find yourself feeling at home very quickly.


If you’re planning on living in country Australia then you’ll most likely be looking forward to the more affordable cost of living. Housing prices in rural Australia are much cheaper than the housing prices in the major cities. You can easily find large properties at an affordable rate.

You also won’t have to pay exorbitant parking fees, public transport costs, and higher food prices like you would in the city. It is much cheaper living in country Australia, meaning you will be able to save money more easily.

The cons

Public transport

driving while living in country australia

Even though the cost of living is lower, there are also fewer public transport options. Living in country Australia means you’ll have to rely on your own private methods of transport to easily get around.

This may not be an issue for some people. If you previously used public transport in the past though, it may come as a shock that public transport is not as easily accessible in rural areas of Australia.


It may be quieter living in country Australia but there are times when you may find you actually have less privacy than in a large city. Small towns are often filled with people who have spent their entire lives living there establishing strong relationships within the community.

Small towns in rural Australia are quaint, but you will also find individuals here who are overly concerned about your business. People love to pry and to gossip, and when everyone in a town knows each other, this gossip can be even worse.


cattle farmers living in country australia

Jobs are hard to come by no matter where you go, but in rural towns you may find that it can be quite difficult to get the job that you want. People living in country Australia can be very loyal towards other locals. This means that if a job is available that you want and a local applies for it too, it is more likely that the local will get it than you will.

This may make it harder to find casual employment in the area as people in rural areas often hold onto jobs for longer than those who work in cities. There won’t be as many job openings available in small towns so you will have to work harder to get the job that you want.

Moving to rural Australia

If you’re not sure if you want to move or not, these pros and cons of living rural Australia should help you decide. Lots of other people have made this change in the past as well and can vouch for the pleasure you can get from living in the countryside. Sophie Hansen runs Local is Lovely and lives in the rural town of Orange and absolutely loves it, while Emma from She Sows Seeds in Gippsland, Victoria can’t get enough of the country life.

If you’re not entirely sure about the moving process, you can rest assured that with WridgWays you will be taken care of from start to finish. We have local and interstate removalists all over Australia who can help you move, and branches in every state you can contact for more information relating to the region you’re moving to. WridgWays are the removalists for you!

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