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Top 7 reasons we move house

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Top 7 reasons we move house
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March 15, 2018
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From family growth to jobs transfers, find out the top 7 reasons people move

Hundreds of thousands of people move house all around the world, every day. But why do we move house so regularly? The major moving group are the young and adventurous 18-35 year olds, with the mid-20s Y-Gen market occupying the highest concentration. Once we reach our 50s, we move less, and retirees and people over 70 only represent less than 2% of the global moving population.

The average person or family moves home every 6 years. For a small minority of people, they live in the same home most of their lives and have experienced very few moves, then others; like defence force personnel and their families, move on average every 1-3 years!

1. Growing family:

People with young children tend to move the greatest distances. As the family grows and the children need more space, a larger home is considered to fulfil the family’s needs. Sometimes a home extension or building renovations are a great option, but in most cases it is easier and cheaper to simply find a new home.

2. Changing personal relationships:

This is another major reason for moving house, when a couple marries, divorces or when they simply take the next exciting step and move-in together. Sadly, with a growing number of divorces it is not uncommon for individuals to make a fresh start finding a new, smaller residence, while others can’t afford to retain the family home running on a single income, so are forced to look to other options.

3. Job transfers / promotions:

A promotion can sometimes lead to a local or global relocation bringing the opportunity to secure a new home and often with a promotion comes a salary increase, therefore increasing their new property options.

4. Closer to loved ones:

Family has a big impact on a majority of people’s lives and also on their choice of property. Homeowners are now selling up and choosing to live closer to their loved ones. This is an increasing lifestyle choice worldwide.

5. Education and schooling:

Some schools have a geographical ‘catchment area’ which means the family must live in that area for the child to attend that particular school. Often home prices for the ‘good schools’ are often highly inflated because we want our kids to get the best education possible. Often that means moving into a different school catchment area and making the related sacrifices for the sake of the kids. Remember to involve the kids in the removal; get a free Parents Guide to Moving with Kids here.

6. Empty nest:

Less space – Once the kids have flown the nest the need for a big house is no longer there. Large homes feel rather empty and a little lonely, with only one or two people living there. Often parents choose to downsize and seek a home with low maintenance gardens, less rooms and the idea of having less cleaning to do is a very exciting prospect for most!

7. The internet made me do it!:

We are all spending more time on-line and we are constantly bombarded by advertising and websites tempting us to look at new properties. Simply, homeowners can now with the click of a button, browse numerous properties online, even performing a ‘virtual walk-through’ when in most cases, have not yet even decided yet if wish to move or buy a new home.

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