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International Removalists

No matter where in the world you’re moving to, our international removalist service can take you there


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International removals made simple

Relocating to another country can take a lot of planning and attention to detail. Luckily, our international removalist specialists can coordinate a host of moving services to ensure all your personal belongings are transported safely.

Our immigration team can ensure everything is organised for you to live and work overseas. Assistance with visa applications, work permit processing, and locally required registrations are just some of the ways our international removalist specialists can help facilitate your move.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of experience in international removals, we know what it
takes to organise everything from packing to settling into your new home

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Global Coverage

With a large network of offices spread across 47 countries, we have the resources and connections to provide an exceptional and progressive service to anyone moving out of Australia.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation specialists can provide you with a detailed area guide for your new suburb. You’ll get an overview of all the essentials including schools, grocery stores, and medical clinics.

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Moving Insurance

Our international removals insurance can cover damage or loss of any item including furniture and office equipment.

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125+ Years Experience

For the last 125 years, we’ve helped thousands of people move to a new country. We attribute our success to collaborating with the best international removalist services available.

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Pioneering the removals industry

WridgWays has a long and storied history of innovation in the removals industry. Since our beginning in 1892, we have always pioneered new services and practices to become the most trusted name in removals.

We now have hundreds of trucks and thousands of employees all across Australia, and our team has helped millions of people move nationally and around the world. We’re your moving specialists.

International removalist services for any continent

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you transport my goods overseas?

Our international removalist specialists can arrange sea freight or air freight depending on the volume of items you are planning to relocate overseas.

If you have time restrictions, sending your items via airfreight is the quickest way to get your items to your final destinations. Although there are some volume restrictions that apply.

How long will it take for my belongings to arrive at my new destination?

This is really dependent on the mode of transport we will be using to move your belongings along with a combination of where you are transporting them to. For example, moving goods to New Zealand will be much quicker than moving them to the United Kingdom.

Our international removalist specialists can book your belongings for a sea shipment that usually exits Australia once a weekly to specific destinations.

Can I relocate my pets overseas?

Yes, we can relocate your pets to overseas destinations. We have great partnerships with specialist pet relocation services who can handle the movement of your pets from one country to another. Veterinary checks and quarantine restrictions may apply depending on the destination country you are travelling to. Costs will vary dependent on the size of the animal.

How do you pack my furniture?

All loose items are professionally packed into boxes. All larger items such as chairs, beds and couches are all export wrapped (A toughened bubble wrap). From there they are then packed into shipping containers or for smaller shipments lift vans are used (a smaller crate about five cubic metres in size).

Can I insure my goods with you?

Yes, you can insure your goods for international relocation. We have multiple levels of moving insurance cover that you can choose from ranging from premium (entire shipment), standard (selected items) and restricted (basic cover for total loss). We highly recommend you speak to our staff about which option would suit your individual needs.