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Our Armenia relocation services

Thinking of moving to Armenia? Your journey doesn’t have to be complicated. Our team at WridgWays are dedicated to helping you settle into your new home seamlessly, whether by managing your insurance or ensuring your pets and vehicles are transported to Armenia safely. Whatever the query, we have you covered.

WridgWays team of relocation experts will enable you to enjoy moving overseas, whilst we take care of the rest. We make it easy

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our team of specialists to organise your move to Armenia from packing up to settling in.

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Anywhere In The World

We have an extensive network of branches right across the globe, so no matter where you’re moving to in Armenia, we can assist with all of your relocation needs.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation specialists can provide you with a complete suite of services from visa and immigration assistance, home and school finding, to medical system overviews and spousal support services.

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Nil Excess Insurance Option

We offer some of the lowest rates for moving insurance in Australia. Your possessions can be covered during transit to Armenia and when in storage.

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125+ Years’ Experience

We’ve been helping Australians move house for over 125 years, and we continue to collaborate with the best relocation service providers in the world.

Ready to organise your move with WridgWays? Get started with our international relocation service in minutes.


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Reasons to move to Armenia


Being located in the middle of Europe and Eastern Europe, living in Armenia will allow you to travel cheaply and very easily to other cities. Hop on a flight to Paris, Barcelona or Dubai, and get away for the weekend or take a short trip. Travelling Armenia locally is an adventure in itself with many lakes, mountains and old monuments to explore.


Food in Armenia has a unique flavour, with traditions and dishes originating from over two thousand years ago. Armenians enjoy a variety of tasty foods, with a big focus on meat, vegetables and spices. The traditional way of preparing food involves stuffing, whipping and pureeing, and is known to be quite complicated, but mouth-wateringly worth it.


Armenia experiences four seasons and is considered to have a continental climate. The hottest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 27°C, and the coldest month sees averages of -3°C in January. Summers are hot, sunny and dry, and winters see snow and are very cold.


Armenia is regarded to be safer than many other developed countries like the UK, US, Sweden and Australia, with a relatively low crime rate. You can enjoy the freedom of going out and about in Armenia at any time of day with the knowledge that you are safe.

Armenia moving facts

  • Armenia has 2.925 million people (2016)
  • The largest city in Armenia is Yerevan, with 1.1 million people (2016); over a third of the country’s population resides
  • Armenia’s population is projected to decline, reaching 2.7 million people in 2050
  • Armenian is the only official language of Armenia, with Russian being the most used foreign language
  • Armenia is has the highest acceptance rate of migrants in Eastern Europe (2017)