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Our China relocation services

Considering a move to China? Travelling and settling abroad in a new country doesn’t have to be stressful. Our team at WridgWays have every aspect of your move covered, from packing your belongings, and arranging your insurance, to ensuring your pets are ready for your move.

There are a multitude of things that go into moving overseas. We know that it can be nerve-wracking; our expert team of relocation specialists will be on-hand to assist you with all of your needs, so that you can sit back and enjoy the more exciting parts of moving abroad.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our team of specialists to organise your move to China from packing up to settling in.

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Anywhere In The World

We have an extensive network of branches right across the globe, so no matter where you’re moving to in China, we can assist with all of your relocation needs.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation specialists can provide you with a complete suite of services from visa and immigration assistance, home and school finding, to medical system overviews and spousal support services.

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Nil Excess Insurance Option

We offer some of the lowest rates for moving insurance in Australia. Your possessions can be covered during transit to China and when in storage.

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125+ Years’ Experience

We’ve been helping Australians move house for over 125 years, and we continue to collaborate with the best relocation service providers in the world.

Ready to organise your move with WridgWays? Get started with our international relocation service in minutes.


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Reasons to move to China


China arguably has one of the best cuisines in the world, and going straight to the motherland to taste it will be beyond anything you would have tried in Western countries. There are eight different major cuisines in China from Sichuan, to Guangdong to Hunan, and all of them will leave you with a satisfied stomach and a craving for more.

Cultural history

China has an extremely rich cultural history, dating back dynasties – and plenty of the past can be experienced through traditions, languages and visiting monuments. With century-old sites like Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, you can immerse yourself in the past and become part of the future, by picking up Mandarin Chinese and speaking to the locals.

Cost of living

Living in China is incredibly cheap. Meals, groceries, rent, services and transport are all extremely affordable. Plus, if you’ve got a knack for negotiation, you can experience the low cost of living.

Travel opportunities

China’s size and cultural history allow for a full travel experience. You can enjoy hiking up the famous Great Wall, encounter pandas in the Panda Rescue Centre in Chengdu or sail down the Yangtze River. Travelling around China is very affordable and with all the different provinces and cities to visit, it’s hard to get bored!

China Moving Facts

  • China is the most populated country in the world with 1.411 billion people (2017)
  • Shanghai is the most populated city in China, with 24 million people (2016)
  • China is the fourth-largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada and the US
  • It is estimated that there will be an influx of 243 million migrants by 2025, making migrants 40% of the urban population
  • Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 70% of the population
  • China has the world’s largest economy, producing $29.37 trillion (AUD) in 2017