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Our Kyrgyzstan relocation services

Imagine a smooth moving experience with no hassle or complications at all. At WridgWays, we pride ourselves in delivering the best service possible for people looking to relocate. We offer a range of quality services for Australians, including insurance management, securing your storage or safely transporting your vehicles to your new neighbourhood.

We want you to have a stress-free journey, and no matter how big or small your query is, we’ll handle it. At WridgWays, we make it easy.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our team of specialists to organise your move to Kyrgyzstan from packing up to settling in.

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Anywhere In The World

We have an extensive network of branches right across the globe, so no matter where you’re moving to in Kyrgyzstan, we can assist with all of your relocation needs.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation specialists can provide you with a complete suite of services from visa and immigration assistance, home and school finding, to medical system overviews and spousal support services.

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Nil Excess Insurance Option

We offer some of the lowest rates for moving insurance in Australia. Your possessions can be covered during transit to Kyrgyzstan and when in storage.

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125+ Years’ Experience

We’ve been helping Australians move house for over 125 years, and we continue to collaborate with the best relocation service providers in the world.

Ready to organise your move with WridgWays? Get started with our international relocation service in minutes.

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Reasons to move to Kyrgyzstan


The people of Kyrgyzstan are some of the most hospitable and friendly in the world, and people who you don’t know that well will invite you into their home to have a chat and some food with complete sincerity. The Kyrgyz people have a very welcoming attitude towards others and won’t hesitate to share meals with you and the neighbourhood.

Beautiful Environment

The landscape and surroundings of Kyrgyzstan are breathtaking and offer a wealth of adventure and natural beauty to keen explorers. Kyrgyzstan is situated in a high altitude and 80% of the country is in the mountainous region. As a result, Kyrgyzstan is known as “the Switzerland of Central Asia” and you can expect to see gorgeous open plains with grazing animals, snow topped mountains, stunning canyons and valleys and more.

Melting pot of culture

Located in Central Asia and bordering China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan has a unique blend of Asian and Russian influences. The Kyrgyz people observe many traditions, that have been shaped by their nomadic lifestyle. Their food, housing, clothing, textiles, ceremonies, music, literature and more are refreshing to experience.


The food of Kyrgyzstan is unique in taste and has a very heavy meat base, with mutton, beef, lamb and horse meat being staples on the menu. Traditional foods include soups, rice, pasta or potatoes with spices and vegetables, dumplings and bread. Kyrgyz people also love to drink lots of tea, with popular drinks being kumis and kefir, fermented mare and goat milk beverages.

Kyrgyzstan moving facts

  • The population of Kyrgyzstan is 6.082 million (2016)
  • The two official languages of Kyrgyzstan are Russian and Kyrgyz
  • 86.3% of the population identify as followers of Islam
  • There are about 30 people per square kilometre in Kyrgyzstan, making it one of the least densely population countries in the world
  • There are more than 85 mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan, making up more than 70% of its geographic territory
  • The average temperatures in Kyrgyzstan vary from region to region, with some areas reaching 40°C during the summer and the lowlands reaching -6°C during the winter


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