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Our Poland relocation services

Picture a seamless moving experience to Poland, with absolutely no complications and stress. Look no further than our team of relocation experts at WridgWays, who are dedicated to making your endeavour overseas a hassle-free journey. No matter how big or small your enquiry, we will handle it.

We have a range of relocation services available for you to use for the move, including insurance, pet and vehicle transport, cleaning and more. You can count on our team of specialists to deliver you the best assistance possible. When we say we will manage all aspects of your move, we mean it.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our team of specialists to organise your move to Poland from packing up to settling in.

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Anywhere In The World

We have teams all over the world, and in Australia, so if you are planning to relocate to Poland, get in touch and we will be nearby.

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Relocation Services

WridgWays has a suite of services to assist you with your move. These include visa and immigration, school and home search and more.

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Nil Excess Insurance Option

We offer some of the lowest rates of moving insurance in Australia and so you can have your belongings covered during periods of transit and storage.

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125+ Years’ Experience

We are proud to have more than 125 years of experience behind us, and aren’t about to slow down anytime soon. Our team is dedicated to deliver excellence and continue our legacy of helping Australians move.

Ready to organise your move with WridgWays? Get started with our international relocation service in minutes.


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Reasons to move to Poland


Poland’s architecture dates back to the 12th century, and has an exquisite European style. Medieval-esque towers, gothic crafted cathedrals, the memorable row of bright coloured kitsch houses in mustard, olive and magenta, are all snippets of what you can expect to be surrounded by if you walk the streets of Poland.

It's beautiful

Poland might be cold for a good half of the year, but its environment and crisp nature are enchanting and need to be seen and experienced in person. Rolling hills and mountains atop with snow, lakes so glassy it perfectly mirrors the sky and its surroundings and forests that are inviting and tranquil are what make Poland such a magical place to live in. You can escape and explore nature unspoiled, free from interuptions and pollution.


The nightlife in Poland is thrilling and lively, and there are a refreshing selection of bars and clubs, some of which are open until 4:00am. If you want to let loose on the dance floor, or just spend time with friends and enjoy a few drinks, Poland is the place to be.

Public transport

The public transport system in Poland is excellent, with a reliable network of buses, trams, trains and the trolleybus, which is basically an electric tram. Its easy to get around town, very convenient and fast. Commuting to work, visiting friends, meeting people in the city centre, its all quite smooth in Poland.

Poland moving facts

  • Poland has a population of 37.95 million people (2016)
  • The most populated city in Poland is Warsaw, with 1,758,143 people (2017)
  • Poland has the eighth largest population in Europe, and the sixth largest in the European Union
  • The official language of Poland is Polish
  • Around 30% of Polish people speak English
  • Poland’s education was ranked the 5th best in Europe and 10th best in the world in 2014