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International Removals South America

Thinking about moving to South America? Relocating is easy with WridgWays.


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We're experts in international removals to South America

We’re experienced in all aspects of moving to South America. So if it feels like an overwhelming prospect, there’s no need to worry. WridgWays can organise an easy, customs-compliant relocation for you. We are very familiar with the laws regarding international removals to South America.

We have a team of internationalist removalists who can help you with your big move. Our relocation services for international removals to South America include packing and secure storage. WridgWays has the resources to organise everything for you so that you can rely on us.

Choose the specialists in moving to South America

125 years of moving customers to new overseas locations has taught us a lot. Benefit from our experienced team of professional removalists, so you settle in sooner.

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Wide Coverage of South America

We have an international network of offices based in South America. You may be thinking about moving to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, or Chile. For any move to South America, we’ll be there to guide you.

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Your Neighbourhood Guide

Our relocation service guides will help you become familiar with important local amenities. We do our research ahead of time to give you a detailed area guide with all the essentials.

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International Removal Insurance

We recommend taking out insurance on your possessions during an international relocation. We can advise you on the best cover at the most competitive rate.

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Moving Customers Overseas for 125+ Years

We’ve been helping our customers with moving to America for more than 125 years. WridgWays has a long history in this industry. We have much to offer for international removals to South America.

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Pioneering the removals industry

WridgWays has a long and storied history of innovation in the removals industry. Since our beginning in 1892, we have always pioneered new services and practices to become the most trusted name in removals.

We now have hundreds of trucks and thousands of employees all across Australia, and our team has helped millions of people move nationally and around the world. We’re your moving specialists.

Moving to South America is hassle-free with our removalist services

Relocating to South America

Cultural influences

The South American culture is a diverse melting pot of traditions and people. There are indigenous, European, and African populations. This mixture of cultures makes it an intriguing area to experience.

World cuisines

South America’s food is influenced by European, American Indian, and African culture. Bahia in Brazil touts West African style cuisine. Chinese immigrants have brought their influence to Peru’s signature dishes.

Sporting events

South America is well known for soccer, and the best event to attend is the Copa de Libertadores. Other popular sports are Polo in Argentina, and surfing in Costa Rica.

Cost of living

Living costs in South America vary according to what country you settle in. Some of the lower-cost countries include Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Your location guide for moving to America

  • For about 150 years Brazil was the largest worldwide coffee exporter. Throughout the 1920s, they were supplying 80% of coffee supplies in the world. This figure has now dropped to about 30%.
  • The city of Buenaventura in Colombia is known as the rainiest inhabited place in the world. Buenaventura’s annual average rainfall is 6,000 – 7,000 mm.
  • In Venezuela, the petrol prices are a small fraction of the cost in most other countries. Venezuela has the largest known gas and oil reserves and offers high subsidies.
  • The largest countries in South America are Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Venezuela.
  • The most common languages spoken in South America are Spanish and Portuguese. A small percentage of people also speak English, French, or Dutch.
  • South America is full of natural wonders. It boasts the longest mountain range and the biggest rainforest in the world.