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Our Colombia relocation services

Thinking about moving to Colombia? Living and working in another country can be complicated and stressful. It doesn’t have to be like that, especially when you use WridgWays’ services to help you with your move.

Our expert teams of relocation specialists will assist you in settling down in a new country. No more worries about packing, unpacking, insurance, and securing storage. WridgWays will be there for you, and assist you with all of your needs. So, sit back and relax, enjoy the fun and exciting part of moving to Colombia.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our team of specialists to organise your move to Colombia from packing up to settling in.

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Anywhere In The World

We have an extensive network of branches right across the globe, so no matter where you’re moving to in Colombia, we can assist with all of your relocation needs.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation specialists can provide you with a complete suite of services from visa and immigration assistance, home and school finding, to medical system overviews and spousal support services.

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Nil Excess Insurance Option

We offer some of the lowest rates for moving insurance in Australia. Your possessions can be covered during transit to Colombia and when in storage.

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125+ Years’ Experience

We’ve been helping Australians move house for over 125 years, and we continue to collaborate with the best relocation service providers in the world.

Ready to organise your move with WridgWays? Get started with our international relocation service in minutes.


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Reasons to move to Colombia

Cost of living

Living in Colombia is much cheaper than in Australia. Rent, meals, groceries, and transportation are all affordable. When it comes to groceries, it’s about 62% lower, and rent is almost 75% lower. Almost all the transportation methods are cheaper, except for taxi fees, these are about 4% higher compared to Australia.


If you just started to learn Spanish, Colombia is an ideal place for you to get use to the language. Yes, people would say that moving to another country to practice speaking another language is not very practical. However, in Colombia, the case is a little bit different. It is said that Colombian Spanish is relatively clearer among the 20 countries that use Spanish as their official language. So, it is a good place for you to improve your fluency.


The world is growing fast, it has become more and more difficult to find places that still keep their original way of life. Colombia is one of them that still get it. If you walk down the street, you can easily find some local markets and festivals that reminds you of the local life.


The views and scenery in Colombia are stunning. For example, Tayrona National Park, which is located on the north Colombia coast, it is a great place for travellers to explore old ruins. Furthermore, Tayrona beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Colombia. In short, there are many great places like this in Colombia waiting for you to explore.

Colombia moving facts

  • Colombia’s population 49.36 million
  • The capital city, Bogota, is one of the highest altitude capital cities around the world
  • Colombia is one of the eleven countries located on the equator
  • 10% of the Amazon rain forest is located in Colombia
  • 1/3 of Colombia is covered with rain forest
  • Currently, Colombia is one of the safest countries in South America (2017)