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Australia's choice for interstate removals

Moving to a new state doesn’t have to be complicated. Our interstate removalist specialists can coordinate all aspects of your move. From the day you start packing we can help you move everything; including your pets and vehicles.

WridgWays’ interstate removalist services are available across Australia. Our moving specialists are familiar with the challenges of moving to a new state. It’s why we provide additional support such as secure storage and a utility connection service.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years in the Australian moving industry, we know what it takes
to coordinate interstate removals from start to finish.

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State Wide Service

With an Australia-wide network of branches, we can facilitate any interstate removals across the country. So no matter which state you’re moving to, there’s a WridgWays branch close by.

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Relocation Services

Our interstate relocation specialists can create a detailed suburb guide for your new suburb. You’ll get an overview of schools, medical clinics, and other essentials.

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Insurance for Peace of Mind

Our interstate moving insurance is one of the lowest-priced services of its kind in Australia. Your possessions will be covered for damage, and you won’t be charged an excess for it.

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125+ Years Experience

We’ve been helping Australians move interstate for over 125 years. To this day, we continue to collaborate with the best interstate removalist services in the country.

Ready to book your move with WridgWays? Get started with a free quote on our interstate removalist service in minutes.


Pioneering the removals industry

WridgWays has a long and storied history of innovation in the removals industry. Since our beginning in 1892, we have always pioneered new services and practices to become the most trusted name in removals.

We now have hundreds of trucks and thousands of employees all across Australia, and our team has helped millions of people move nationally and around the world. We’re your moving specialists.

Move to any state in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to move interstate?

Interstate removals can vary in duration depending on how many belongings you need to move, and the distance you’re moving. Most interstate moves take between 4-10 days. A move from Melbourne to Perth will take longer than a move from Melbourne to Sydney because of the sheer distance between the locations.

The number of belongings you need to move will influence whether or not we need to transport an LCL (less than container load) or an FCL (full container load). Your interstate removalist consultant will discuss this with you in more detail. Generally speaking, FCL shipping is usually faster.

What's the best way to protect my belongings from damage during transit?

Leave it to our professional packing crew! Our interstate removalist specialists know how to pack belongings safely so they’ll stay protected in transit.

Our packing specialists have prior experience packing fragile items such as antique furniture and valuable paintings. They understand the level of care that’s required to prevent your precious belongings from being damaged.

Do I really need to take out moving insurance?

We always recommend taking out moving insurance to our customers. Our interstate removalist specialists are committed to protecting your goods from damage during transit. Unfortunately, in rare circumstances, accidental lose or damage can occur.

Please refer to the limitations and exclusions outlined in our WridgWays removal and storage insurance flyer for more details.

Do WridgWays use accredited removalists?

Yes. We only employ removalists accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Removalists accredited by the AFRA have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises, and staff training required for a professional move. AFRA removalists know the correct procedures involved with packing furniture and other household possessions for transport.

Do I have to dismantle all of my furniture before moving?

Our interstate removalist specialists will always be equipped with a tool kit to dismantle large furniture items such as a bed or cabinet. To save time, our specialists usually request that large items such as swing sets and cubby houses are dismantled before moving day.

If you do require any assistance with outdoor items and built-in fixtures, our removalists can provide a disassemble service for you. Ask one of our interstate removalist consultants for a quote on this additional service.

Can I leave the house while the removalists are busy packing/unpacking at my home?

On the day of the move, your interstate removalist crew will need a representative to be present at your house the whole time. The crew will also require someone to direct them when it’s time to unpack. Only you will know the perfect positions for furniture in your new home.

My new house isn't ready to move in yet, can you provide secure storage in the meantime?

We understand that your new home may not be ready to move in yet while your belongings are in transit. That’s why we can provide a secure storage option for your belongings while you wait.

We have state-of-the-art storage facilities located in every state. These storage facilities can provide a short or long-term storage solution for your belongings.

Can you arrange transport for my pets?

Yes, we can. Our interstate removalist specialists can work closely with pet transport companies across Australia to ensure your pet is looked after during the entire moving process.