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Removalist Between Canberra and Darwin

Specialist interstate removalists between Canberra and Darwin


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Our interstate removalists between Canberra and Darwin

Interested in removalists between Canberra and Darwin? You probably need a removalist to take care of everything! WridgWays is a professional and experienced removalist company, and we provide from start to finish services, including packing, cleaning, arranging insurance, and pet and vehicle transportation.

With our team of experts and specialists in relocation, you don’t have to worry about getting everything organised in advance. WridgWays is glad and happy to assist you with all your relocation needs.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our team of specialists to organise your move from packing up to settling in.

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Anywhere in Australia

Our branches are located all across Australia, so wherever you are, we will be close by.


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Relocation Services

Our relocation services include immigration and visa assistance, school search, home search and more.


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No Insurance Excess

We have some of the lowest rates in Australia for moving insurance, and so your belongings can be covered through transit and storage periods.

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125+ Years Experience

We have over 125 years of experience behind us, and will continue to provide the same excellent service in Australia.

Ready to move interstate with WridgWays? Get started with our interstate removalists between Canberra and Darwin services in minutes.


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Moving to Canberra

Living in Canberra

Canberra is an easy living city. Canberra is a small city, so it takes you less than 1 hour drive to from one side of the city to another. If you live in far north or south but work in the centre, don’t worry it takes you within half hour drive. In addition, Canberra people know each other! They are very welcoming and friendly. Canberra is also know as its excellent education system.

Outdoor life

Canberra offers lots of things to do, especially for family with kids. You can find bike paths, parks, playgrounds, walkways, and lakes in here, or you can visit museums and galleries to feel the history or arts. Taking air balloon or skydiving would be other methods to see this city.

Great for young families

Life in Canberra is vibrant and especially perfect for young families. Canberra has a large portion of young population, and the median age is 35. With plenty for kids to do, an adventure packed outdoor agenda at your doorstep and a safe, clean environment, what other places are better than Canberra to raise a family.

Career opportunities

Canberra is a good place for start-ups and companies who need innovation since Canberra people are typically well-educated. The major industries in Canberra are public administration and safety and health care and social assistance. People usually earn more than Australia median pay, and the income is higher than other cities.

Moving to Darwin

Outdoor Activities

If you love outdoor activities, Darwin is your place! You must be amazed by Darwin and the surroundings. You can attend a sky tour to fly over the Kakadu National Park, one of the World Heritages, and view the amazing sights and sunsets. Choose one of the natural parks for you camping trip. Want to do some water activities? Sea kayaking and canoeing are just part of your choices.


People in Darwin are friendly and hospitable. They are welcoming, polite, and courteous. They all look pretty happy. If you are eager to find out the secrets making them so happy and willing to join them, come to Darwin!

Proximity to everywhere

Darwin is a compact city with less than 146,000 people. Compared to other big cities, the traffic in Darwin is smooth, and it is rare to see traffic jam. Since it’s not a big city, it is easy to go somewhere. No mater you want to go to a supermarket, commute to work, or hang out with friends, you don’t get annoyed because of the terrible traffic.


Enjoy the festivals in Darwin! Watch firework display at Mindil Beach on Territory Day. It is the only day in a year, besides New Year’s Eve, that fireworks are allowed. The Darwin Festival is a festival with arts, music, comedy, film and so on. Another big thing is the Darwin Cup Carnival, which is a horse racing event. Darwin also holds other festivals like Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival and Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta.