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Local Hobart removalists for your next move

Hobart is renown for being one of the most remote locations in Australia. Luckily, our Hobart removalists can provide the same level of service you’d expect in any other capital city.

Our Hobart removalists can take care of packing, secure storage, unpacking to make sure your belongings arrive in the same condition they were in originally. We can help you with whatever you need in between, including pet transport and a utilities connection service.

  • Our utility connection services ensure your water, gas, and electricity will be switched on before you arrive to your new home in Hobart
  • Our Hobart team highly-trained packing experts who will ensure your belongings are packed safely for transit
  • Leave your old home looking spotless with our vacate cleaning services
  • Custom packaging will ensure any fragile items are protected from damage during transit

Why choose WridgWays for your move in Hobart?

We have over 125 years of experience in the moving industry. No job is too small, and no address is too remote. Our removalists in Hobart have the experience and resources to coordinate a successful move.

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Anywhere in Hobart

WridgWays is available in the heart of Hobart, so we can provide you with state-wide assistance with any removalist service you need.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation experts can create a local area guide tailored to your needs. This helpful guide outlines all the essentials from schools to medical clinics.

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Moving Insurance

We can provide a low cost moving insurance. It will covers your belongings while in transit and secure storage, so you have peace of mind.

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125+ Years Experience

We’ve helped countless Australian families move home for the last 125 years. Our continued success is thanks to the reliable business partnerships we still foster today.

Looking for reliable removalists in Hobart? The team at WridgWays have the skills and resources to make your next move seamless and hassle-free.


Pioneering the removals industry

WridgWays has a long and storied history of innovation in the removals industry. Since our beginning in 1892, we have always pioneered new services and practices to become the most trusted name in removals.

We now have hundreds of trucks and thousands of employees all across Australia, and our team has helped millions of people move nationally and around the world. We’re your moving specialists.

Make it easy with our Hobart furniture removalist services

Four reasons to settle down in Hobart

Natural surroundings

Nature reserves, national parks and world heritage listed sites make up a third of the land mass in Tasmania. If you love hiking, there’s over 2,000 kilometres of walking track to guide you along the way. Beautiful coastlines, bays, and beaches are all a short distance away from Hobart’s city centre.

The local arts scene

For such a small city, there’s no shortage of special events happening throughout the year. Jazz and folk music festivals are very much a part of the arts scene. The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is one of Hobart’s major draw cards, playing host to an array of art exhibitions and festivals throughout the year.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Hobart is significantly lower than its bigger and busier counterparts. Local residents can expect to pay up to 60 per cent less for rent and 35 per cent less for buying an apartment in Sydney or Melbourne.

Fresh and abundant produce

Tasmania continues to be one of the nation’s premier food destinations. Fresh salmon, oysters, abalone and mussels are caught off the coast and readily available. There’s also an abundance of award-winning cheesemakers, bee-keepers, and chocolatiers that call Tasmania home.

Hobart location guide

  • Hobart has one of the lowest population densities in Australia with an average of 124 people per square kilometre.
  • Hobart has the lowest amount of sunshine in Australia with an average of 5.9 hours of sunlight per day.
  • The average summer temperature in Hobart is a mild 21°C while winter rarely goes under 12°C.
  • 58.6 per cent of Tasmanian inhabitants practice Christianity.
  • 17.9% of Tasmania’s residents were born overseas and commonly originate from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and China.
  • The top five languages (other than English) spoke in Tasmania are Mandarin, German, Italian, Greek, and Dutch.


Suburbs in Hobart
Frequently Asked Questions

Do WridgWays use accredited Hobart removalists?

Yes, at WridgWays we only employ those Hobart removalists who accredited by the Australian Removers Association (AFRA). Not all moving services within Australia use AFRA accredited removalists.

Our Hobart removalists have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises, and training required for local removals. All of our AFRA accredited removalists understand the necessary procedures involved with packing furniture and other household items for transport.

AFRA removalists are the most qualified people in Australia for handling local removals.

How will you protect my large belongings such as furniture and mattresses during my move?

It doesn’t matter how far you’re moving, it is always important to protect your furniture. Our Hobart removalists will make sure your household belongings and furniture are protected with specialised protective materials such as furniture pads, blankets, and export wrapping.

VIP plastic covers will be used to protect your fabric furniture from getting soiled. We will also use blankets made from breathable fabric to prevent your leather furniture from sweating. For electronic equipment such as televisions or speakers, our Hobart removalists will use specially-designed boxes for safe transit and storage.

If you’re packing your own items then they may not be covered under your insurance policy during transport. Please refer to the exclusions and limitations in the WridgWays Removal and Storage Insurance brochure for more information.

When you arrive at your new home, your WridgWays Hobart removalists will carefully unwrap and place your furniture and belongings where you want them to be placed.

Should I pack the boxes myself, and what are the implications of this?

You can pack your own boxes, but there are precautions you will need to take to do this. Try and avoid used boxes that previously contained food or plant materials.

Our Hobart removalists can recommend boxes that are specifically designed for moving, such as small book cartons that will prevent your books from tearing or folding. We can also provide you with a range of specialist packing boxes to protect all your belongings.

Is it necessary to dismantle all my furniture before moving?

Our Hobart removalists are always prepared with a toolkit to dismantle furniture such as your bed. However, they will request that you dismantle items such as swing sets, cubby houses, and built-in fixtures prior to moving day.

If you need any help with outdoor items or built-in fixtures, our Hobart removalists can provide a disassembly service for you. Talk to one of our WridgWays moving consultants for a quote on this additional service.

Am I allowed to leave the house while your removalists are packing or unpacking my home?

On moving day, our Hobart removalists will need yourself or a representative to be present at all times while the crew are packing and loading your belongings.

We also need someone to direct the moving crew when it’s time to unpack your belongings, as you are the only person who will know the best place to position your furniture in your new home.

My new house isn’t ready to move into yet, can you organise secure storage for me until it is?

Our Hobart removalists can definitely advise you on a storage solution that suits your needs.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities located all around Australia use the latest technologies to ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure. We provide short-term or long-term secure storage solutions.


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