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Finding furniture removalists Dandenong can be exciting, and it doesn’t have to be stressful. At WridgWays, our mission is to assist in all aspects of your move, from start to finish. Our team of expert consultants and removalists have you covered.

We have services in insurance, storage, packing, home and school search and more. Whatever questions or concerns you may have, we can handle it so you can sit back and enjoy the move. With over 125 years’ of experience behind us, you can count on us to make your move easy.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our team of specialists to organise your move from packing up to settling in.

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Anywhere in Australia

Our branches are located all across Australia, so wherever you are, we will be close by.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation services include immigration and visa assistance, school search, home search and more.

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No insurance excess

We have some of the lowest rates in Australia for moving insurance, and so your belongings can be covered through transit and storage periods.

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125+ Years Experience

We have over 125 years of experience behind us, and will continue to provide the same excellent service in Australia.

Are you ready to move with WridgWays? Check out our Dandenong relocation services now


Check out our Dandenong removalists services

Learn about Dandenong

Dandenong Ranges

People from all across Victoria will travel to this suburb just to trek on one of the many trails in Dandenong Ranges. With an area of 50km by 10km, and an elevation of 633 metres, this set of low mountain ranges offers plenty for the casual walker to the serious hiker. You can even take a ride on the preserved steam train, Puffing Billy, which travels for 24km through the refreshing forests of the ranges.


Dandenong is a very multicultural suburb, with a large migrant population. With this comes the many cultures, businesses, and people from all over the world. Residents can enjoy authentic Indian, Vietnamese, and Middle Eastern food, shop at international supermarkets and little stores, and have neighbours from just about everywhere.

Great value for money

The rental prices of Dandenong are decent, with residents enjoying a very cheap cost of living. Eating out and buying groceries are cheap and great value for money. Buying a house in Dandenong is also very affordable, with a median house price much lower than Victoria’s average.


Residents of Dandenong have a bright future ahead of them, with a long-term redevelopment project for the suburb underway. Plenty of new infrastructure, new housing estates, and pedestrian friendly areas, injected with $290 million dollars, will be emerging over the next couple of decades, and Dandenong will have a revamped new look.

Dandenong Moving Facts

  • Dandenong is 30km east from the CBD
  • Dandenong is home to 29,906 people (2016)
  • Dandenong was established in 1837
  • There is a high level of migrant settlement in Dandenong, with 67% of residents born overseas (2011)
  • 71% of residents speak languages other than English
  • Under the policy Melbourne 2030, Dandenong is classified as a major activity centre and is undergoing significant redevelopment and upgrades, with a $290 million budget put into the long-term project