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Learn about Hillside


There is a higher employment rate in Hillside compared to the rest of the state, with 58.1% of the population working full-time, and 30.8% working part-time. Most employees are working more than 40 hours a week, with the highest number of employees working as clerical and administrative workers.

Housing affordability

There is a high demand for properties in Hillside, with an average of 840 visits per property compared to the state average of 1,006. Despite this, houses in Hillside are still relatively affordable, and much cheaper than inner-city suburban homes. A three-bedroom house will cost around $580,000, or $370 to rent, while a three-bedroom unit will cost approximately $467,000, or $360 a week in rent.


Hillside is located at a convenient distance from the city, as it will only take around 45 minutes to drive in. You will also be very close to the Melbourne Airport and Essendon Airport, with a short 26 minute drive to get to Tullamarine. Hillside is also not far from the Long Forest Nature Reserve and Lerderderg State Park, both of which are within an hours drive.


Most of the people in Hillside are quite young, as around 70.3% of the population are within the working age, between 15 and 64 years. The median age is 32.6, but the largest percentage of the population are aged between 0 and 14 years, followed by 35 to 44 years. This suggests that Hillside would be a great place for families with young children.

Hillside Moving Facts

  • The local government areas are the City of Brimbank and City of Melton
  • Hillside is about 29.7 km north-west of Melbourne
  • It has a population of 17,056 (2016)
  • The average family has 2 children
  • The median age is 34
  • Around 50.9% of the population claim that both their parents were born overseas
  • The most popular religion is Catholicism
  • The primary industry of employment is the manufacturing industry