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Our Newcastle removalists services

Searching for removalists Newcastle? Moving to another town can be complicated and stressful. However, WrdgWays local team of removalists will take care of all your needs. From packing your belongings, arranging your insurance, to settling in a new place.

There are a lot of things to think about before moving across the country, but if you choose WridgWays removalists services, things could be a lot easier for you. Forget about all the messiness that might happen, we have you all covered. So, sit back and relax, start planing all the things you want to do in Newcastle.

Why WridgWays?

With over 125 years of moving experience, you can trust our expert team of specialists to organise your move to Newcast;e, from shipping and storage to moving insurance.

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Anywhere in Australia

OWith branches all across Australia, we can assist with all of your relocation needs to the Newcastle.

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Relocation Services

Our relocation specialists can provide you with a complete range of services from home and school search, right through to area overviews, and cultural and language support services.

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Nil excess insurance option

With some of the lowest moving insurance rates in Australia, your possessions can be covered during transit to the Newcastle and when in storage.

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125+ Years Experience

We have over 125 years of experience behind us, and will continue to provide the same excellent service in Australia.

Are you ready to move with WridgWays? Check out our Newcastle relocation services now.


Check out our Newcastle removalists services

Learn about Newcastle

Outdoor activities

Love outdoor activities? Wanting to release your children’s energy before going home? Newcastle is a great place for you. There are more than 300 parks and 100 playgrounds in and around Newcastle. Not to mention all the swimming pools and gorgeous beaches (and they are less crowded than in Sydney’s!). There sure are a lot of outdoor activities to do in Newcastle.

Things to do

Not much an outdoor person? No worries, there are still things for you to do in Newcastle. For example, you can take a look of the Christ Church Cathedral, it is one of the most popular landmarks in Newcastle. Or, go to the Newcastle Art Gallery, there are more than 5 thousands art work there, even better, the entrance fee is free!.


Houses are expensive, of course, but living in Newcastle is more affordable compare to some of the bigger city like Sydney. And there are plenty of choices, when it comes to the style of the house. You can choose from a modern designed house with an amazing ocean view, or a more convenient apartment unit in a busier area.

Balance between city and suburb

Living in Newcastle is a great balance between living in cites and suburbs. What does it mean? It means that Newcastle has the edge of a city like great restaurants, club, music, art, but it also has the charming part of suburb such as less crowded beach, park, and the traffic is better for transportation.

Newcastle Moving Facts

    • The population of Newcastle is about 440 thousand
    • Newcastle is the 7th largest city in Australia
    • Newcastle is the 2nd most populated area in New South Wales
    • Newcastle was the first place to have an Australian railway.
    • It is the second oldest city of Australia