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> London the hot spot for corporate relocations

London the hot spot for corporate relocations

A recent study has found that London is still the top choice for foreigners seeking employment overseas, beating other countries such as New York, Paris, Melbourne and Singapore.

160,000 job seekers were recently surveyed and over 50% of the participants chose London as their first choice for overseas employment, compared to 28% preferring New York, 16% Singapore and 10% in Sydney.

London’s work class banking, legal sector and creative industries coupled with the higher standard of living are proving very attractive to foreign professionals, majority of whom are coming from crisis-hit countries such as Portugal, Ireland and Greece.

These findings oppose current reports of UK nationals seeking work in other countries due to the current economy, although the research also showed that 63% of UK nationals still expressed desire to move abroad for more promising job prospects.

The survey would indicate that there is a trend of job seekers becoming more flexible with employment destinations, with London have a winning edge over other countries.

So if you are considering relocating to your new career in London, contact Wridgways.