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5 Annoying Items to Know About Before Moving House

Moving House 5 Annoying Items

The idea of moving house is often accompanied by the feeling of excitement, but can also often feel stressful and chaotic. What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? In fact, moving house can (and should) be a fun and exciting experience – if you are well prepared.

Quite often, the reason for an unpleasant move comes down to just a handful of household items that seem to cause a little more grief than others. Do not let those feelings of stress creep back into your thoughts though, we have a sure fire way to write your moving house checklist and a list of solutions to tackle these annoying items head on!

These are the 5 annoying items you need to know about before moving house!

1. The Refrigerator

It is probably no surprise to read that at the top of the annoying items checklist comes the refrigerator. A real love-hate relationship develops around refrigerators when it comes time to move house. It is easy to see why – refrigerators are heavy, over-sized, and require meticulous care to avoid denting.

How to make moving a refrigerator easy? Leave it to the professionals! There is no need to break your back (literally) trying to move your fridge. Professional removalists are experienced and skilled in moving refrigerators, they know how to handle the moving of cumbersome items like this.

If you want to be really prepared and fuss free, do your best to use up all your food in the fridge. Start going through your food items from about 2 weeks prior to the house move

2. Internet

Although it has become an everyday necessity, the internet is likely to be something forgotten about until the last minute. Unfortunately, it is easy to miss on your checklist as Internet is not really a physical object. However, it is certainly not something you want to be left without for days on end in your new home.

Figuring out how to reconfigure your internet is not fun by any means. Before starting the calls to your service provider, it is important to do some research on your new suburb. It is possible that your current internet provider is not the best provider for where you are relocating to.

There are other internet providers out there who may just offer better service and faster internet to your new suburb. Consider other internet options a couple of weeks before moving house, often getting Internet set up and available to use can take a number of days and likely isn’t something you want to be left without come moving day.

3. Plants

Potted or decorative plants around the house are the easy part, but what about the lemon, lime or orange tree in the back garden that has been nurtured for years? Understandably, it is not something that people want to leave off their moving checklist, so thankfully there are a couple of easy ways to go about moving your beloved fruit trees without the added stress.

Be organised. The most chaotic part of moving a plant from the garden is realising it is something you want to take with you on your actual moving day.

Consider hiring a tree transplanting specialist or professional Arboriculturalist. They will ensure that your plants or trees are removed with care and replanted correctly.


4. Pianos

It may not be an obvious one, however, moving a piano is no easy feat, and at times, can prove to be quite annoying.

Take a similar approach to moving a piano as you would a refrigerator and leave the heavy lifting to the professional removalists. With that advice in mind, there is still some necessary preparation that is required before moving day.

If you are approaching a move with a piano, make sure to take note of the following preparation steps:

Step 1: Measure the doorways in your house to identify the best route for removal. It is most ideal that this is done in the weeks leading up to the move to avoid added stress on the day.
Step 2: Recognise a piano has several moving parts. It is not easy moving an object that is not still and stable, so take time beforehand to lock or tape down the lids and any internal parts.
Step 3: Wrap the piano in an old blanket, towel or sheet to prevent the exterior being damaged.

5. Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives make it onto this list for a number of reasons. Packing knives can be stressful and it is not something that should be rushed when it comes to moving house.

Save some old newspapers in the weeks leading up to moving house, and then use this paper to wrap the knives. Make sure to wrap larger knives individually, with more paper. This method of wrapping the knives will provide maximum protection for those moving your belongings.

For extra peace of mind, tape the wrapping tightly and label them as ‘dangerous’ or ‘sharp objects’ to protect your family and the team of people moving with you.

Moving house with these annoying items does not need to be stressful, and fortunately with most items there are simple yet effective solutions available to you.

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