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Moving House? Pack Up Your Garage With Ease!

When moving house, most people leave the garage and shed until last, as they are often the most challenging to pack. The garage and shed contain all sorts of bits and pieces, from gardening equipment to sporting equipment, tools, and other belongings you probably forgot you ever owned!

Garden tools to be packed Before you start packing, de-clutter and organise the garage; sell and dispose of any unwanted items. No doubt you will find old nails and screws or unused garden equipment in there. Be ruthless. If you haven’t used them in the past 6 months, safely dispose of unwanted items. Once all of these difficult decisions are made and belongings removed; both packing and unpacking will be much faster and easier, saving you time and possibly money.

Now that you’re sorted, it’s time to start packing! The following guide will help you prepare each area:

The tool shed

Gardening tools and equipment

Outdoor items


Paints, Petrol and Pesticides

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