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Moving Overseas Checklist

Everything you need to know about moving overseas

moving overseas checklist

Planning on moving overseas? Don’t let the stress overwhelm you! Here at WridgWays we have an entire team of international removalists and immigration specialists who can help. This moving overseas checklist will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for your move overseas.

For further tips and moving suggestions, check out the moving checklist on our website.

6-8 weeks before moving day

As you start to plan your move overseas, you’ll realise there are so many things to think about. How are you going to get to your new destination? How do you want your belongings to get there? This is also the time to start researching your new home, as well as any visa or immigration requirements for your travel. This will make your journey through customs much easier.

1-2 weeks before moving day

woman writing down overseas checklist

So you’ve only got a few weeks left before you move overseas? You need to start organising your belongings and finalising any paperwork for your move. This means making sure you keep all those pesky important documents in a secure location. You are going to need your passport if you plan on getting to your new destination on time.

1 day before the move

With the big day approaching fast, it is time to make sure you’re ready for your big move overseas! Make sure everything is packed and ready to go if you are packing your own belongings. Taking your precious pets with you? Make sure they are ready for the trip. Keep all your travel information handy too so there’s no panic when you get to the airport. You definitely don’t want to miss your flight!

Moving day

couple moving overseas with a moving overseas checklist

It’s finally time for the international removalists to help you move overseas. Check that you haven’t forgotten anything. You don’t want to be half-way around the world before you realise you left something behind! Either you, or an authorised person over the age of 18, needs to be present on packing and moving day. If no-one is present you may be liable for extra charges, and we’re sure that’s not what you want!

Now that you have read through our moving overseas checklist, you should be more prepared for your big move overseas. With WridgWays, we can assure you that your moving experience will be a good one, so you can sit back and relax on your journey. Let us do the hard work!

At WridgWays, we make moving overseas easy, so contact the international removalist experts to start your move and get a quick quote today!