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Moving Internationally

International Removals

So you are moving overseas, congratulations! No matter where in the world you are moving to, Santa Fe Wridgways understands that moving overseas involves a lot more than simply transporting items from point A to point B. After-all we have been safely moving precious belongings around the world since 1925. Santa Fe Wridgways offers a comprehensive range of professional services to anyone moving overseas.

If you want to move overseas with complete peace of mind, and enjoy a complete door-to-door service from an experienced and professional team then contact us today. Or arrange to get a quote.

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Your Total Moving Service

Child Moving Overseas

With over 85 years’ experience in helping people move overseas, the best in the business. Contact us before you start making your arrangements, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of the process we can handle.

Start with an obligation free talk with us about how we can help plan and manage your move overseas. Our helpful, experienced moving consultants will cover off all aspects of your move, even things you may not have thought of or anticipated.

Then let us take away the hassle and stress by managing all the details, including professional packing, cleaning your house when you leave, and managing the safe and secure transport of all your household treasures, as well as insurance, customs clearance, and even unpacking each carton at the other end.

Along the way we can also assist with the myriad of other aspects you may face when moving overseas, such as purchasing, leasing or renting property; migration assistance; passports and visas; cross cultural briefings and more.

Prompt, Secure, On Time Delivery

Our advanced tracking and management systems will ensure we have a full inventory of all your household items, and we’ll know where everything is at all times. Your goods will arrive where you expect, when you expect them, and in the same condition they were in before the move. Because we offer both air and sea shipping, we can handle virtually any size move – from a studio apartment, to a large estate.

Global Capacities

Part of the Santa Fe Relocation Services, spanning Asia, Europe and the Middle East; Santa Fe Wridgways have 126 offices in 56 countries. Your precious household items will be safely handled by the Santa Fe Group every step of the moving process, we are the international moving experts.

Professional Packing Service

Our professional furniture removalist provide a superior service, so if you prefer, just leave this job to us. Whether you want us to pack your entire household or just certain selected items, we will arrive at your residence at the agreed time and get the job done quickly. Our packing staff are experts in packing goods for transport, shipping and storage; protecting your belongings from damage during the move overseas.

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Pet Transport

Moving Overseas with Pets

Allow Santa Fe Wridgways to carefully plan and transport your precious pet anywhere, worldwide. Santa Fe Wridgways relocation consultants can provide advice and reassurance every step of the way and work closely with only the finest pet transport carriers in the industry.

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Convenient Cleaning Service

Cleaning your house after everything’s packed up can feel like just another chore that drags the moving process out. Santa Fe Wridgways can provide professional cleaners to take this task off your hands. Simply walk away and let us ensure the house is thoroughly cleaned and highly presentable before the new residents move in. This saves you lots of time to attend to all the other details you’ll be looking out for at this busy time when you are moving overseas.

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Long and Short Term Storage

For storage from a few days to many years, our world class storage facilities and handling practices will keep your belongings secure, safe and in good condition.

All goods entering or leaving our storage facilities are subject to strict inventory checks. Every item is labelled and recorded on an inventory listing when it enters the facility and is checked out on exit. We use state-of-the art Homepack Containers specifically designed by Santa Fe Wridgways for safe, dry storage. Extra special items such as pianos and pool tables are stored in our VIP Special Goods Area to ensure maximum care.

And whenever you’re ready to take delivery of your consignment we can deliver it to you anywhere, at any time.

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Unpacking Your Home

Santa Fe Wridgways’ Moving House Valet Service

When you’re dealing with moving overseas, there’s nothing like an extra pair of hands, an organised professional and calm consultant to help out. Talk to us about how Santa Fe Wridgways’ award-winning valet staff can help make the moving process easier, by taking care of the little and not-so-little details that go with moving overseas.

You’re sure to appreciate our efficient, helpful valet staff who can help you get organised before the packing, and then again to help you settle in at your destination. Sit back and relax while these professionals transform your carton-laden new house into a comfortable familiar home.

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Vehicle Transport

Transporting Vehicles

If you want to take your car, truck, motorbike or boat with you when you move overseas, just let us know and we can take care of all the paperwork and transport logistics. Our vehicle transport specialists will make sure your vehicle(s) arrive on time, as expected, and ready to help you explore your new home.

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Insurance for Moving Overseas

Even with the best processes in place, not every eventuality and unexpected event can be guarded against. For peace of mind and protection against loss or damage to your household goods and personal effects, Santa Fe Wridgways recommends that you arrange insurance cover on your possessions whilst in transit and also during any storage period.

People usually have lots of questions about insurance when moving overseas. Why do I need cover? What sort of insurance should I get? Which companies cover international freight?

Santa Fe Wridgways can help you answer all these questions and more. We offer a range of insurance options at very competitive rates. Our staff will be happy to talk with you about the most appropriate cover for your situation. To help make it easy, we will supply you with a detailed contents list, which you can use to quickly value all the items that are being moved and/or stored.

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