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Pet transport

Our pet transport service can take your companion anywhere

Ready to relocate your family? What about the family pet? Our pet transport service can take care of your companion during your relocation. Our moving specialists will assess your pet’s needs and can make arrangements for a local, overseas, or interstate pet transport.

Our pet transport service will ensure your pet arrives within your requested time frame. For overseas travel, our specialists ensure your pet’s move will meet customs regulations.

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Pet Transport

No matter where you move, we'll make sure your pet comes with you

Our service isn’t just for cats and dogs. We’re dedicated to finding solutions for all pet types.

  • Alternative and safe modes of transport can be organised if your pet is a nervous flyer.
  • Direct supervision can be arranged throughout the entire transport process if you wish.
  • Our service is available for local, interstate, and international pet transport.
  • Your pet can be delivered straight to your door on a date and time that suits you.

Service inclusions

  • Finding the right transport for your pets
  • The option of direct supervision
  • Services for transporting pets interstate, locally, or overseas
  • Custom timetables
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Frequently asked questions

Where do pets travel on the plane?

Pets travel in a compartment which is usually at the rear of the plane. Pets travel in a temperature controlled environment that is set to approximately 18 degrees by the captain of the flight.

The compartment is pressurised in the same way the passenger cabin is and is dimly lit. With the gentle hum of the aircraft pets often spend the time dozing before reaching their destination

Will my pet travel on the same flight as me?

Every airline has to abide by a set of standards and regulations with pet travel. It is best to contact us to discuss the airline you intend to travel on prior to purchasing passenger tickets.

This will enable you to make an informed decision on which airline you can travel on and suitable flights on offer with the preferred airline.

Can I give my pet a meal or treat before they fly?

To avoid travel sickness, it is recommended you don’t feed your pet at least six hours before their travel time.

Should I sedate my pet to reduce the stress of travel?

Preferably not. Pets that are under sedation can become dehydrated, disorientated and have travel sickness. It also makes it more difficult to assess a pet’s health on arrival.

For dogs and cats that are particularly anxious, our pet international and interstate pet transport specialists can recommend other ways to ensure that your pet is as relaxed as possible prior to travel.

What happens before, during and after the flight?

Once lodged at the airline terminal, airline staff place your pet in a special waiting area. Your pet will be last to be loaded onto the flight to avoid any lengthy waits in the elements on the tarmac. On the flight, pets are secured into position in the temperature controlled, pressurised area. Unfortunately, while in transit, the aircraft configuration doesn’t allow for an airline staff member to check on your pets.

Pets are one of the first off the plane and are taken to the cargo terminal. If your pet is transiting a particular airport on route to their final destination, pet transport staff will provide a comfort stop if time allows or the airlines will check to see that your pet is travelling well and ready for the next leg.

Can my pet’s favourite toy or blanket travel with them?

Small soft toys are allowed to travel with your pet. In the event of turbulence, you do not want hard objects in the crate which may potentially cause harm. Comfort items such as some of your personal (unwashed) clothing or a familiar blanket can create a sense of security.

Please note: Customs prevents natural products from travelling i.e sheepskin or wool. Items such as bean bags, pet food, bones, and anything metal, are all strictly prohibited on flights. Important documentation not required for transport should be mailed to the receiver and not attached to the travel container as separation of the documents makes it extremely difficult to trace.

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