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Vacate cleaning

Polish up the look of your old home with a bond cleaning service

In a rush to vacate your home or office? Doing one final cleanup of a property can be challenging when you’re about to relocate. There are always last-minute things to do, from packing boxes to booking utilities. That’s why many of our customers take advantage of our vacate cleans.

Our vacate cleans provide an easy solution for anyone looking to leave their old home or office looking spotless. All permanent fixtures and appliances can be taken care of during one of our vacate cleans. From stovetops to ovens, taps, and exhaust fans; nothing gets past our cleaners.

Book a vacate clean and leave everything spotless

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Vacate Cleaning

Leave everything looking spotless before you vacate your property

Our vacate cleans service is available to customers Australia wide.

  • We create a customised checklist of tasks based on your cleaning request.
  • Our vacate cleans can include the scrubbing and scouring of fixtures and appliances.
  • We provide detailed service quotes that list every task of your bond cleaning service.
  • Quote prices are based on estimated time, amount of rooms, and house conditions.

Service inclusions

  • Every important task completed
  • Expert cleaners
  • Customised quotes
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Frequently asked questions

Do you clean furnished houses?

Yes, it’s like cleaning an office which we have experience in also. It inevitably takes longer to clean rather than a vacant property but it’s part of our service.

Do you clean ovens and stoves?

Yes, this one is often something that people loathe to do. We provide this as part of the bond back cleaning. If it’s for a regular house clean then please specify this and we will undertake it as required.

How many cleaners do you send?

It depends on the type of clean you request but we generally work in teams of 2 to 3 cleaners. This will also depend on the size and condition of your property.

Do you clean bathroom and kitchen tiles?

Yes, we certainly do. What’s important to tell us prior is if your grout is discoloured or your tiles are in poor condition. When the grout and tiles are in poor condition we need to pressure clean them and this would need to be included in the quote.

What do I need to tell you so you can quote?

It’s important for you to be as thorough as possible in telling us the condition of your property. If it is in extremely poor condition and you don’t tell us that then our staff have been instructed to not conduct the clean.

We quote according to the condition, size and type of cleaning services you need. We also like to know the suburb and postcode.

How long does it take to do an end of lease clean?

We understand that cleaning for an end of lease is different to a regular clean because you are on a deadline. Generally, an end of lease clean takes between 3 to 7 hours but this depends on the size of the rental property and the condition.

It is always better to allow more time, rather than less. This allows us to do a thorough clean so you can get your bond back.

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