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> Moving International > Moving to America? Cultural Contrasts to Keep in Mind

Moving to America? Cultural Contrasts to Keep in Mind

Family driving in AmericaMoving from one country to another brings with it a whole host of changes – from lifestyle to culture and language differences, transportation and even living arrangements. America and Australia have long since been compared due to the similar nature of their residents and westernised culture. However, we’re going to detail some differences between the two to keep in mind when moving to America or moving to Australia for the first time. As many expats, tourists and foreigners will agree, there are a lot of different and rather interesting contrasts:

While there are differences, American and Australian cultures can also be similar, and there is generally little adjustment required before these unusual changes seem like ordinary occurrences. For help with your upcoming international move, Freecall Wridgways today on 1800 225 916. Our friendly moving consultants are ready to guide you through the entire process.