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Moving to Australia and Feeling the GoodMigrations

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By Sharon Vagley from GoodMigrations

It was a normal weeknight and my husband, Adam, and I were sitting at home in New York City watching a movie. In the background we could hear the sound of an incoming Skype message on Adam’s computer. An old colleague had just asked a tantalising question: “Do you want to come live and work in Australia?” That simple question would change our lives.

Needless to say, we said yes! While we’d never been to Australia and didn’t know much about it, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. After all, no one ever comes back from an Australian holiday saying they didn’t like it. And this was, of course, the country that gave the world AC/DC, Crocodile Dundee, and Uggs: it was a worthy destination.

Our families and friends were a bit shocked that we were moving to Australia… well, just about as far away as you can move from New York. A few short months later we had booked our one-way tickets, started looking for temporary housing in Sydney, began purging all the stuff we weren’t taking with us, and researched international movers to begin getting quotes.  Without having any previous experience, this alone was an arduous task.

Moving to Sydney was our perfect option…

We knew we wanted to live close to the water with lots of great walkability so after having explored Sydney a bit we ended up in Bondi. Moving to Sydney felt like a vacation for the first couple of months but eventually we settled into our lives there and like anyone else, began the all too familiar work and weekend routine. We made sure to take full advantage of our new surroundings exploring Australia, and beyond, and met many great people, some of whom we consider to be lifelong friends.


“We enjoyed the sunny weather and active outdoor beach lifestyle way too much.”

After three years, we decided it was time to head back to America. We loved moving to Sydney and our lives there but missed our friends and family back home. The decision was a tough one but one thing was for certain: after the Sydney lifestyle, we knew we could not go back to New York! After moving to Sydney, we enjoyed the sunny weather and active outdoor beach lifestyle way too much. A similar quality of life became a very important feature in where we would decide to live.  After lots of feedback from friends in Sydney and the States, we decided to move to Los Angeles. It has the beach and mountains, forests and deserts, and sunny weather almost all year round.

Tips you need to know for moving to Australia and overseas…

So once again we went through the whole international moving process of purging our belongings and looking for a reputable mover. This time however, we did it with a bit more experience and panache. We’ve now been living back in the United States for three years. We dearly miss our friends back in Australia and fortunately will be visiting them very shortly due to an upcoming wedding.

The exposure of moving to Australia and living overseas, in general, is an invaluable one. One that not many get to experience. So, having now moved across the planet twice, here are a few tips we learned the hard way:

Sharon Vagley is a former expat and Co-founder of GoodMigrations (, which makes it easy for people moving abroad to request moving quotes from reputable international movers, easily compare them side-by-side, and book your move… all in one place.