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Moving to Australia – Get a feel for the Aussie way of life!

So you’ve read all the important serious information relating to your move to Australia.

But here is a more-relaxed, view on the Aussie way of life and a peek into the Aussie culture.

So what about the day-to-day Aussie lifestyle stuff, we would say ‘how about having a crack’at learning a bit more about the ins and outs of the Aussies, how we speak and what we do.

Australian flag

Australia prides itself in its multiculturalism, but, despite the large number of different languages spoken, the predominate language is English. The problem is that the Australian variant of English could be considered quite ‘slangy’ and somewhat abbreviated at the best of times. A new arrival may initially struggle to make sense of a conversation given we offer an array of typical Australian Slang in the vast proportion of our dialogue.

But don’t fret, us Australian’s are a good humoured bunch and will happily help you on your way if you’re lost or confused – just be wary of the sprinklings of our sarcasm, we don’t even realise we do it at times and it is completely harmless mate!

Our accents can be thick with Australian idioms, but you’ll soon notice that we seem to abbreviate a great deal of our chatter, here are a few examples:

Aggressive = Agro

Afternoon = Arvo

Barbeque = Barbie

Breakfast = Brekkie

Electrician = Sparky

Chicken = Chook

Cockatoo = Cocky

Budgerigar = Budgie

Good day = G’day

Can of beer = Tinnie

Honestly = Struth

See you later= See ya

Perfect =

Spot On!

Well done = Goodonya!

Hello =

G’day Mate

Tomato Sauce =

Dead Horse

Mosquito = Mozzie

Blow Fly = Blowie

Bricklayer = Brickie

Carpenter = Chippy

Sunglasses = Sunnies

Woman = Sheila

Australian = Aussie

Ambulance = Ambo


Basically, wack a vowel or two on the end of a word and “you’ll be right”.

We like to think that Australia is known for its social and sporting relaxed culture. Our weekends are best spent having a backyard ‘barbie’ or playing ‘backyard cricket’ or Aussie Rules Footy with a couple of ‘mates’ alongside the family, where a beer (cold one) is often welcome. Take us camping ‘out bush’ or down the beach, and we’ll be ‘as happy as Larry’. Meet us down the ‘Pub’ and we’ll be taking it in turn to ‘shout’ a ’round’ or two!

From time to time you may come across a different kind of slang, it’s rare, but when it comes along unless you’re a proper Aussie ‘Occa’, it may go straight over your head.

Aussie Rhyming Slang:

Basically it consists of a couple of words or syllables, the last of which rhymes with the word you’re actually referring to, i.e. ‘Micky Mouse’ = ‘Grouse’ (Grouse an Australian colloquialism meaning excellent).

Confusing, we know. It’s a dying language amongst younger Australians, so don’t be too bothered if you have no idea what somebody is meaning when they refer to ‘Mystery Bag’ (meaning ‘snags’, an Australian word for sausages).

Have a ‘gander’ at some of the odd phrases you may come across during your time in ‘the land of O’:

Frog and Toad = Road

Mud Pies = Eyes

Jam Tart = Heart

Apple Sauce = Horse

Bag of Fruit = Suit

Grim and Gory = Story

Captain Cook = Look

Dead Horse = Sauce

Nails and Screws = News

If you’re wondering how these funny little sayings work, just think:

“So, I was standing on the frog and toad, wearing me bag of fruit havin’ a Captain Cook. I couldn’t believe me mud pies, me jam tart stopped! It was that sheila from the nails and screws, she was eatin’ a pie and covered in dead horse! I couldn’t wait to tell me kids the grim and gory!”

…trust us, you won’t hear a story like that one all too often (and if you do, chances are those Aussies standing around will also be scratching their heads).

So good luck with the Aussie yokel locals and don’t be afraid to ask a question or two, you will always find the multicultural mix of people in Australia are more than happy to welcome a new comer and make you welcome ‘Down Under’!

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