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Moving to New Zealand from Australia – International Removalists

Our international removal service can help, no matter where in the world you’re moving to

If you’re moving to New Zealand from Australia and want to find out how much it will cost to relocate to New Zealand we can provide you with a Free Quote. We have a worldwide network of locations who can provide you with industry leading and cost effective international moving solutions.

International removals made easy

Moving to New Zealand from Australia is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why we provide end-to-end solutions for individuals, couples, families and company offices moving overseas. We can coordinate a range of premium moving services to ensure all personal belongings or office equipment are transported safely and securely.

Our immigration team provides advice and guidance to ensure everything is in place for you to live and work overseas. Our international removalist service includes help with visa applications, work permit processing, re-entry permits, legalisation of documents, and locally required registrations.

Our home relocation service can help you find a home in your new destination. We can arrange for a local consultant to accompany you on property visits and our experienced lease negotiators can work on your behalf to make sure everything is above board. Moving to New Zealand from Australia was never easier.

With secure storage facilities all over the world, we’re confident we can provide you or your company with a short or long-term storage solution for your belongings.

For any questions about our international removals, call 1800 225 916 today or get started with an quick quote for our moving services.


International removalist services


We offer a range of moving insurance solutions for belongings such as furniture or company equipment at a competitive price.

Secure Storage

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art storage facilities to keep personal or company belongings safe and secure during the moving process.


We have a full packing service available with experienced packers and speciality packing materials for furniture or company office equipment for international removals.


Our international removalist team can coordinate the process of unpacking and arrange belongings and equipment in your home or office.


Our cleaning service can vacuum, dust, and wash your new home or company office before you settle in and start unpacking.

Vehicle Transport

We can arrange transport of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, and boats to ensure they arrive with you at your new address.

Pet Transport

We can book and coordinate specialist transport services to ensure your family’s pet gets safely transported to your new home.

Santa Fe Connect

Our Santa Fe Connect service can ensure utilities such as gas and electricity are switched on before you settling into your new address.

Why choose WridgWays?

  • With a large network of offices in 47 countries, our movers have the resources and connections to provide an exceptional and progressive service to anyone moving in or out of Australia.
  • Our movers can coordinate and streamline a diverse range of international removalist services to ensure everything is taken care of before your or your company settle into your new address
  • With over a century of moving experience in Australia, we have the right knowledge and expertise to coordinate small to large-scale moves for you or your company’s office

Get a free quote today

Curious about how much our moving services may cost? Answer a few simple questions and we’ll provide your with a free quote on our international removalist services today.


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