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Home > Moving News > 3 Reasons Why Moving To Wollongong Is The Best Move You Can Make

3 Reasons Why Moving To Wollongong Is The Best Move You Can Make


Have you been longing for the peaceful serenity of the seaside? For the sea change you have been craving, look no further than the peaceful community of Wollongong.

Whether you’re moving for a change of scenery, looking to buy a first home or looking for a place to retire, you will soon see why moving to Woollongong has won the hearts of so many who have made the move and never looked back.

If you are thinking about moving to Woollongong feel free to get an instant quote so we can help you have a smooth transition to your new home.



Moving to Wollongong is affordable and commuter friendly


Wollongong is less than a 2-hour drive away from Sydney, yet the median house price is dramatically lower. Although everyone benefits from good value real estate, this is especially great news for first home buyers or retirees. A 3 bedroom house with surrounding gardens is no longer so out of reach! If you do your property research you may find a home in Wollongong that meets all your criteria, with a lesser price than what you may be paying living in a city apartment.

Many locals choose to commute to the city for work each day. When you are saving so much on your mortgage or rent, spending $50 a week for public transport isn’t so bad.

If your work is mostly digital or online, you may benefit by working remotely and avoiding the commute to Sydney altogether. With so many online communication platforms available, some Wollongong locals have taken advantage of services like Skype to regularly touch base with their employer while working a day or two from home, their favourite local café or beachside spot.

Wine and dine in Wollongong


Do not be fooled by Wollongong’s quaint beach feel. Over the years, it has fast become more of a mini-city, equipped with restaurants and cafés serving up big-city calibre meals made with local Wollongong produce.

Take a wander down Globe Street and you will find a large variety of restaurants and bars with options to suit everyone. Many Wollongong locals who have resided in the area for years are now business owners on the strip and are not shy to tell you exactly why Wollongong was their first choice of location to set up shop.

If good food is a selling point for you when deciding where to move, you should feel inclined to familiarise yourself with Crown Mall; it is here that you can find the popular ‘Eat Street Markets’ from 5pm each Thursday night. The market is a chance for food fanatics in the community to come together for fresh, mostly organic and chemical-free produce. The market has fast become a local hotspot for those in the community to come and relax with friends or family and immerse themselves in healthy food and music.


Wollongong is great for kids


No matter what suburb of Wollongong you reside in, it is only ever a 15-minute commute to the beach. The close proximity of the beach further benefits families as it provides a pavilion for activity, exercise, and fun. The best part? It doesn’t cost a thing!

If you’re looking for more attractions for the family to enjoy, look no further than Wollongong’s Jamberoo Action Park or Symbio Wildlife Park. Both parks boast a range of activities and are bound to educate and entertain kids of all ages.

With Wollongong’s strong community feel, it is a good idea to get the kids involved with local school sports to help them settle into the area and make new friends. This can go a long way to help them feel safe and confident with their knowledge of their new home.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Wollongong and we have not even scratched the surface. In knowing this, there is no time like the present to start planning your move.

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