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> Tips and advice for moving house with your baby

Tips and advice for moving house with your baby

Mother and Baby

As we all know, moving house can very busy time for the whole family. It is natural for you as parents to feel concerned and a little anxious about how this change will affect your little one. Approximately one fifth of those who move house each year do so with a baby or small child. Wridgways wants to make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible you and your family by providing a few easy steps to follow when moving house with your precious baby:

As change can often be upsetting for babies try and keep their routine fairly consistent and liken things to their normal surroundings. Spend time replicating this throughout your move. Giving your child their favourite toys or blanket is a great one especially if they are used to having them around –bringing comfort to your child. If your baby has a regular feeding time or sleeping time, try and stick to this routine wherever possible.

Keep in mind that items usually kept from arms reach can accidentally be left lying around when moving. Cleaning products, tools and even kitchen pantry items can pose dangers for children if misused or eaten. Make sure these items and anything that could potentially cause a threat to your baby are kept out of reach at all times.

Look after yourself! Looking after your little one is troublesome at the best of times. Combining this with a move will no doubt leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Babies quickly pick-up the emotions you are feeling and the extra strain you might be carrying when moving can transfer easily to them. It is important to make sure you’re alright. Take some time to yourself to unwind. It also helps to take advantage of your support network of family and friends during this time. If Wridgways professional packers are providing you with a packing service you can devote more time to your baby.

Come moving day make sure some of your babies things are kept separately to transport with you rather than with your removalist. For interstate or longer drives be mindful of having something to keep them busy, taking regular breaks along the way.

Essentials to take on the journey to your new home:

Prior to arriving at your new home we recommended you spend some time finding out about local mother and baby groups in the area; getting to know other mums and babies. It’s a great way to make new friends! Settling into your new home is made much easier when you have friends to get together with. Take time to locate your new local family doctor and Maternal and Child Healthcare centre as soon as possible too. A little pre-planning and preparation can make a huge difference to the transition of your baby into their new home.

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