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News from the Management Team


The last couple of weeks have seen Santa Fe staff across Australia engaging with the results of the Great Place to Work survey through several toolbox and internal meetings with staff across the whole country.

I had the privilege of participating in both Sydney and Brisbane workshops and a number of things stood out for me, but perhaps most significantly was the willingness and passion of staff to talk about what will make our organisation a greater place to work.

GPTW roadshow

Picking up on a number of the key themes from the GPTW results we were able to start identifying the three or four key areas to focus on in the immediate future which we will communicate back to you, as agreed, after the end of April when other branch visits have been completed.  It was terrific to also see many people demonstrating their passion to actually roll their sleeves up and be responsible for this journey. We will be approaching you through your managers to become GPTW area leaders, and ambassadors from all parts of the business across regions, job roles, blue and white collar, gender and age profile. To find out more about this initiative and the opportunities surrounding it, please read the GPTW article also featured in this edition of the Red Horse Express.

One of the areas where Australia performed strongly, relative to the rest of Santa Fe Group globally was around fairness and equality in the workplace, and it did not escape my attention that we had such a strong female staff representation across the Brisbane and Sydney branches, while the entire world was recognising International Women’s Day. It was particularly good to see that diversity being reflected in key leadership roles in Brisbane, and we look forward to ensuring that we continue to make our workplace both safe, fair, and free as well as improving on the areas you have identified for us.

Our GPTW journey towards being a top 25 company by 2020 will coincide with our Australian historic milestone approaching, as Wridgways celebrates its 125th anniversary next year. Personally I can think of few better ways to celebrate that fact than by building a greater culture and work environment and future opportunities for our staff, which we can all play our part in achieving.