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Do all removal companies use accredited removalists?

No, the Australian Furniture Removers Association is the highest authority on skills and standards for the removals industry in Australia. Not all removal companies use accredited removalists and AFRA accredits only those removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional move; a removalist that has been fully trained in the correct methods for packing and transporting furniture and possessions, ensuring peace of mind. Minimise your stress when moving by ensuring your removalist is accredited by AFRA, like Santa Fe Wridgways.

Look out for this logo when choosing your removalist:

Australian Furniture Removers Association

How are you going to protect my furniture during removal?

Santa Fe Wridgways will ensure that all of your precious household goods and furniture items are wrapped in our specialised protective materials. Such protective wrappings used are; furniture pads, blankets and specialised export wrapping to ensure protection during handling and transportation.

How will you protect my lounge and mattress during removal?

Our special VIP plastic covers protect your lounge, mattress and all fabric furniture from soiling during handling and transport. Leather lounge suites are not wrapped in plastic as this may promote sweating of the material, therefore, protective but breathable blankets or export wrapping materials are used in this case. Upon arrival to your new home, your Santa Fe Wridgways removal team will carefully unwrap and place your furniture for your convenience.

Can I pack my own boxes and are there any implications with me doing this?

Avoid using boxes that previously contained food, fruits or plant items. Santa Fe Wridgways use and recommend specific removal cartons as these are specifically designed to safely transport certain household items i.e. small book cartons, designed to transport books and files minimising overall weight. Santa Fe Wridgways will happily provide the appropriate cartons for your move. However, packing time and requirements are often underestimated. Packing your household goods yourself may also affect the insurance coverage that we can offer. You will not be covered for damages sustained to your effects as a result of your packing. We recommend allowing your highly trained Santa Fe Wridgways removalists do the packing for you.

Do I really need to take our insurance?

We recommend all clients our take out some sort of insurance cover for peace of mind throughout the removal process. Whilst we do our upmost to ensure your goods arrive in the same condition as when collected, accidental loss or damage may sometimes occur. Please refer to Exclusions and Limitations in Santa Fe Wridgways Removal and Storage Insurance Brochure for further details.

Will I need to dismantle all of my furniture before my removal?

Your experienced Santa Fe Wridgways removalists will arrive on the day with a tool kit and dismantle any large items such as beds and tables at uplift. We ask that certain items, such as swing sets, cubby houses and built in fixtures are dismantled prior to transport. If you require assistance with this, Santa Fe Wridgways can provide a disassembly service for you, simply ask our moving consultants for a quote or further information.

I don’t have a plasma box, how will you protect my big screen TV?

Santa Fe Wridgways can provide you with a box that is specifically designed to transport your plasma TV – no matter what size. Please be aware that if packing your own electrical items, that your insurance policy may not cover for transport. Please refer to Exclusions and Limitations in Santa Fe Wridgways Removal and Storage Insurance Brochure for further information.

During my removal is it okay if I leave whilst the removalists are busy in my home?

Your removal crew will require you or your representative to be in attendance at all times while they are in your home. It is important also that someone is present to check and verify your items at delivery and direct your removal crew for furniture placement in your new home.

What method of transport will you use to transport my goods to my new home?

Santa Fe Wridgways will always be looking to utilise the safest, fastest and most economical way in which to transport goods, locally, interstate and overseas. This involves all modes of transport such as rail, sea, truck, or road trains. Our experienced operations team will evaluate every situation and adopt the best option in all cases, to your satisfaction.

You’re moving my car; can I load it up with items to be moved too?

No, your car transport company requires that no personal or loose items are left inside your vehicle or boot space during transportation. Car transporters will not transport your car if anything other than standard manufacturers items (like spare tyre and wheel jack) are inside.

Why do I have to pay for quarantine treatment, my goods are clean, they do not have any bugs?

Quarantine regulations are important in helping protect Australia. As Australia is a highly motorised country, there is often the danger that travellers and those moving from overseas will probably unknowingly, spread plant pests and diseases. Plant material and animal products brought in from overseas or even another state, could introduce some serious pests and diseases into Australia; devastating our valuable agriculture, tourism industries and unique environment.

It is for these reasons that the Quarantine department performs an inspection on all household goods shipments that arrive in Australia. This is done via a risk analysis profile. Sometimes micro-organisms you can’t notice can pose a major theft to our environment. Quarantine order treatment of certain items which may carry these threats.

Can I pack my own boxes when moving overseas and are there any implications with me doing this?

Yes, you can certainly pack your own boxes if you are sending your personal household items via Sea freight. Due to strict airline security regulations however, all personal goods travelling via Airfreight must be packed by Santa Fe Wridgways.

It is important to note that when packing your own goods, you must also provide Santa Fe Wridgways with a detailed listing of all items packed inside each individual carton/box. This is extremely important and will affect the speed of customs clearance. Failure to provide this information may result in unnecessary delays at your new destination. In relation to insurance, packing your goods yourself will also affect the insurance coverage that we can offer. You will not be covered for damages sustained to your effects as a result of your packing.

Can I transport food in my overseas shipment?

We generally try to discourage our customers from including food items in their unaccompanied personal effects shipment, as this can cause delays and additional quarantine costs.

However, if you do wish to include these, it is important to ensure your food items are commercially packaged / sealed, clearly labelled in English and declared on your customs form. We also recommend packing all food items together in the one carton and clearly marking on the packing list for ease of identification.

What does customs bonded charge mean and will I incur this?

There are occasions where you will incur bonded charges. You may such incur bonded charges if your documentation is not in order or if customs order further inspections or “hold” your personal goods whilst they process your shipment documents, therefore the shipment does not clear by the specified bonded storage date. Your Santa Fe Wridgways moving consultants will do their upmost to ensure that your documentation is in order.

I thought I was only required to pay for Quarantine Inspection if Quarantine has a look at my shipment?

The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) maintains a high level of physical inspections on incoming consignments into Australia of personal and household effects. This is done in order to protect Australia’s precious food, plants and animals from overseas pests and diseases which may be brought in. It is therefore important and a requirement that all shipments entering Australia are inspected by AQIS. You will be required to settle this fee prior to the delivery of your personal goods.

Can I transport wood items to Australia?

Yes, you can certainly bring wood items into Australia as long as the wood is commercially made. It is important to keep in mind however, that your wood items may be subject to Quarantine inspection upon arrival to Australia. Bringing raw wood into Australia is an issue and generally prohibited. Consult your friendly Santa Fe Wridgways moving consultant for further information.


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