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New Zealand Branch


Santa Fe Australia is very excited to announce the development of our new branch in New Zealand, which will be launching in 2016. We have already partnered with New Zealand Vanlines who are now our moving services provider across the entirety of New Zealand, and we will be working towards setting up a full Relocation Services team in the new Auckland location.

Geraldine Babbe, from our Perth branch, will be leading the way in this next step for Santa Fe, and is heading over this month to set up our offices and begin to develop our New Zealand presence. With a focus on corporate relocations and corporate account management, we will have capabilities both in origin and destination cargoes.

Embarking on a journey such as this is an exciting element of our growth as a brand, and we will be making the most of our existing network of clients to aid us in developing specific lines of business.

We look forward to hearing all about Geraldine’s progress in extending our global mobility capabilities, and wish her all the best in her adventures.