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Pack Like A Pro When You Move House

Wridgways vairety of packing boxes all labelledWe’ve all been there & stressed out, trying to figure how many cartons will I need? What is going to fit in each carton? Where will I get suitable moving cartons? And then there comes the mad rush at the end, trying to cram in all those last bits and pieces in.

So here are some tips and words of advice – prepare early! Packing early and efficiently will save you lots of time at both ends of your house move.

Make sure you collect your professional packing cartons, tape and paper well ahead of time; allow 2 – 3 weeks for this task. Wridgways packing cartons come in a range of sizes, each custom made with specific requirements to ensure maximum protection for your personal household goods. There are eight cartons types in total and available for pick up at your local branch or delivery. These are listed below along with measurements:

Standard Carton (teachest carton) – 483 X 406 X 684 H
Utility Carton (medium carton) – 483 X 406 X 334 H
Stereo / Electronic Carton– 598 X 406 X 246 H
Book Carton (small carton) – 406 X 320 X 334 H
Art Pack / Picture Carton– 1014 X 75 X 762 H
Port-A-Robe – 592 X 478 X 1024 H
Travel Trunk – 640 X 400 X 340 H

Of course, for those cherished items that need extra special care, we will create custom made crates for these items for you, simply ask your friendly moving consultant. Your accredited removalists are fully trained in the correct packing methods to ensure minimal likelihood of damage to your household good. However, if you have elected to do all or part of the packing yourself, it is often difficult to estimate just how many removal cartons you will need for the task. Here is an easy-to-follow guide for you:

If you have any questions or further concerns regarding your packing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact you Wridgways moving consultants today on 1800 225 916.