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Payroll & Compensation

Expatriate payroll program

Santa Fe Relocations provides guidance and assistance so you can efficiently manage your expatriate payroll program on a global platform, complying with each country’s legal and tax requirements. Our goal is to establish a transparent and streamlined administrative process, so your payment agreements comply with both home and host locations. Your payment processes will be fully consolidated and transparent for reduced administration and greater visibility and accountability.
Services include:

Pay Arrangements (Structure of Package, Balance Sheet Calculations)

Individual salaries and related costs are an important element of any project costs, yet it can be difficult to calculate and budget for potential costs in relation to expatriate employees. Santa Fe’s balance sheet calculations provide the most accurate level of budgetary planning for your assignment program.
Our balance sheet calculations assess the potential cost of an assignment, based on precise and detailed calculations on an individual level. This system covers allowances, salary, compensation, tax equalisation, housing norms, Cost of Living Adjustment (CoLA) data and other assignment expenditures.
Services include: