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> Advice > Preparing your Washing Machine for Removal

Preparing your Washing Machine for Removal

Whether moving house yourself or using a professional removalist, preparing your washing machine prior to moving day is essential.

While washing machines and clothes dryers are a common household appliance in most Australian laundries, they are not considered easy to move. They are bulky and heavy items and do not come with mounted wheels, therefore requiring careful preparation, specialised removal equipment and handling for effective transport.


There are a number of steps required before you or your removalist move your washing machine, so allow 2-3 days prior to your move for these important tasks.

Step 1:

First of all, disconnect your washing machine from both the water source and electricity source. So begin by unplugging the power source and neatly wrap the cord using tape or string to secure in place. Next you will need to disconnect the hoses from the taps or water supply, and turn off the valves. Keep in mind that there may be residual water inside the hoses so keep a small bowl and towel handy so you can drain and dry the hoses thoroughly.

Step 2:

Your washing machine must be carefully prepared and stabilised prior to transportation. To do this correctly, you can look up the manufacture’s guidelines online, or contact them directly before your removal day. Your removalist will ask if you have done this prior to removing your washing machine for transport.

The proper preparation of your machine may include inserting stabilising rods, or inserting the agitator stabiliser, there are many different requirements and a multitude of machine brands and models, so don’t take a chance. Be sure to investigate your requirements and take appropriate action before moving day.

Your removalist cannot take any responsibility for damage to your machine if it wasn’t primed properly prior to being moved, this is your responsibility.

For further information watch this helpful video here or contact your washing machine manufacturer today.

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