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Privacy Policy

Wridgways as an organisation recognises the need for the correct handling of information gathered in the course of business. Wridgways’ clients, prospective clients, business associates and staff all have a right to have confidence that the information that Wridgways stores and processes is handled in a manner which upholds their best interests. To this end Wridgways is undertaking and will continue to undertake all reasonable measures to comply with the ten National Privacy Principles as outlined by the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

Personal Information

For the purposes of the Wridgways Privacy Policy the term Personal Information is defined as any information that describes an identifiable person. The person may be a staff member, a client, a prospective client or a business associate. A person is identifiable if the information provides the address, full name, phone number or similar information that could result in the person to whom the information pertains being contacted.


Despite Wridgways commitment to policies that protect the rights of individuals to privacy Wridgways will not accept liability for loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of information provided to Wridgways.

Collection of Information

Wridgways will only collect the information required in the normal course of business. As Wridgways is a removal business this may involve the collection of relevant detail about an individual’s personal belongings and travel arrangements.

At all times the collection of information will be visible and obvious to the individual to whom the information pertains. In other words, Wridgways will not collect information without the consent of the individual.

The Means of Collection of Personal Information include:

In all of the above cases Wridgways will endeavour to ensure that the informant understands why the information is being requested and that the information will be handled in accordance with this policy.

Note that Wridgways may use electronic means such as ‘cookies’ to make repeat visits to our web sites more effective for the web site users. However any information will be recorded for statistical purposes only and will not be used to establish the identities of the web site visitors. Web site visitors will only be identifiable if they choose to voluntarily enter their details into a provided web data entry form.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Primary Purpose

Wridgways will only use the information provided by individuals for the purpose required by its normal business operations. Wridgways will disclose the information to suppliers and business partners where the supplier and/or business partner requires the information in order to assist Wridgways in the provision of services for the customer.

Secondary Purposes

In the case of a Corporate Relocation (where an organisation arranges for the relocation of one of its staff) sufficient personal details to identify a relocating employee may be made available to the HR staff of the corporate client via our Corporate Web Site. This is done for the benefit of the Corporate Client in order to oversee and manage the moves that they have in place with Wridgways at a particular time.

Wridgways may also use the information to create mailing lists (e-mail, fax, postal or other) to make its customers aware of related services that they may benefit from. Wherever such mailing lists are employed Wridgways will ensure that the customer has the clear ability to request that they be removed from the list.

Retention of Information

Wridgways retains information collected on its customers in the course of its business dealings for the normal statutory period for the retention of such information. This ensures that in the event of an issue arising relating to a particular business transaction all relevant information for its resolution is available.

Data Quality

Wridgways will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information recorded about an individual is correct and up to date. Where an individual feels that information being held about them is incorrect and would like the information corrected then they should contact the Wridgways Privacy Officer (see below).

Data Security

Wridgways takes data security seriously and is constantly examining its systems and practices to identify possible avenues for unauthorised use of information and taking appropriate steps. Currently, Wridgways internal systems are protected by firewalls, VPN secure tunnels, password protection and physical security. Wherever information is collected via web site, passwords are used to protect information from unauthorised web based access.

Openness and Accessibility to Data

Where a customer has any concerns regarding information Wridgways may be storing or using they may request that copies of all information stored be provided by Wridgways. The requests should be made in writing or by e-mail to the Wridgways Privacy Officer (see below). The Wridgways privacy officer will endeavour to provide copies of the information within a reasonable time frame.

If a customer discovers that information held about them is incorrect or unnecessary they should contact the Wridgways Privacy Officer, preferably in writing. The Wridgways Privacy Officer will endeavour to have the corrections entered into the Wridgways systems within a reasonable time frame.


Where the information that is collected includes government or agency assigned file numbers, code or similar identifiers, such identifiers will not be used as such by Wridgways. Wridgways assigns its own identifiers to clients and prospective clients for its internal purposes. Government or agency assigned file numbers, code or similar identifiers are not collected, disclosed or used in any other way unless absolutely necessary to the provision of services to the customer by Wridgways.

Transborder Information Flow

In the normal case of its import and export operation Wridgways may need to provide information to businesses or agencies in foreign countries. Wridgways only provides such information as required by the foreign agency and makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that it is dealing with reputable businesses and agencies in it’s foreign dealings.

Sensitive Information

Wridgways will not collect and store sensitive information about its clients except where it has an immediate bearing on the provision of services. In such cases Wridgways will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information is not disclosed or stored unnecessarily.

Making Complaints

Any individual who feels that Wridgways has breached their obligations in relation to this Privacy Policy and or any other statutory requirement regarding privacy that may apply they should contact the Wridgways Privacy Officer (see below), preferably in writing (post or e-mail).

If an individual feels that they are not being dealt with effectively by Wridgways through the Wridgways Privacy Officer they have the right to approach the office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner with their complaints. Wridgways will endeavour to cooperate fully to resolve any matter brought to the attention of the commissioner.

Wridgways Privacy Officer

The Wridgways Privacy Officer can be contacted at:

Telephone: 613 9554 7300PO Box 4055, Dandenong South Vic 3164Email: