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Product Review Success


We would like to take the opportunity to commend everyone for their efforts this month in delivering a truly 5 STAR SERVICE experience for our customers! For the first time in a very long time our customers are starting to shout our praises strongly online and this is something which we can all feel very proud of.

As you have probably come to know FACEBOOK and PRODUCT REVIEW have become the two major online review sites for all the world to see, which allow customers to review businesses for their customer service.


PRODUCT REVIEW This month we are very proud to say that we have had 12 positive reviews so far across the site, which is an amazing achievement by all of us directly engaging with our customers, in our sales teams, service representatives and crews on the road! This is the most we have ever had in a month, with the whole first page now taken up by 5 Star Service scores! We still have a long way to go here with negative reviews currently still outweighing the positives and a score of 2.8, but we are confident that if we continue the way we are going, we will definitely start to show how serious we are about service and how much we care for our customers. To date Product Review has been a real concern, impacting not only our online reputation but also our sales effort and it’s great to see that with everyone’s commitment we are now starting to turn this around, moving ever closer to the 5 stars we know we deserve!! Have a read of some of the great reviews


FACEBOOK – We are currently sitting at a score of 3.4, which is actually an amazing achievement considering our jump from 1.7 when we first started our 5 Star push in September of last year! If we continue the way we are going we could be sitting very close to 5 Stars by the end of the year. So far this month we have had 7 reviews – with only 2 scoring us in the negative. You will shortly see another very satisfied customer in our monthly winner to display in your branch.

Lately you will have also heard a lot about branch NPS scores (Net Promoter Scores), compiled primarily from post-move surveys, but also including the positive and negative reviews received online. It is extremely important to remember that these scores are the most accurate reflection that we have in terms of customer satisfaction with our service. Stay tuned!! We are building up to a very exciting announcement surrounding the NPS program next week.

In the meantime, it’s pats on the back to everyone… and a High 5 for a top customer service effort!!




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