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Red Kite Morning Tea

Red Kite

The Perth branch had a very successful morning tea and raffle for RedKite on the 23rd of September. Members of our Team have been participating in the Trade a Treat campaign which sees them giving up “something small, to make a big difference“.

Trading these items allows them to donate the money they would have spent on said treat, to help families facing cancer. Pictured above are Kristy Mone who gave up chocolate, Geraldine Babbe who gave up Red Bull, Jasmine Innes who gave up swearing, Lee Mirco who gave up coffee and Amy Firns who gave up hot chips. Well done team!

RedKite provides essential support to children and young people with cancer, and their families. They are there throughout the whole cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and until after treatment finishes.

Redkite receives no government funding. They rely entirely on the generosity of the community to provide these important services. We are very proud of our team for working with this great organisation to improve the lives of those living with cancer.