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> Relocation/ Destination Services (DSP Management)

Relocation/ Destination Services (DSP Management)

Santa Fe’s comprehensive Destination Services Package (DSP) coordinates all your essential global relocation services through one central service. This tailored and streamlined management is based on a centralised service, simplifying your administration and providing a single point of coordination for relocating employees.
A primary goal of our DSP Management is to ensure your relocating employees experience a smooth and reassuring transition into their new environment, fully supported and with minimal stress. We also wish to simplify your procedures and avoid red tape by consolidating DSP management into one streamlined system.

In-house Account Manager

You will be allocated your own dedicated Account Manager, a highly experienced relocation professional, who will work with you to develop a relocation program suited to your company’s needs. Your account manager will also be your first point of contact in relation to all DSP management and administrative issues.

The preparation phase: Guidance and support for relocating employees

Preparing for the move

Your relocating employees will have a dedicated Global Mobility Coordinator, acting as the single point of contact throughout their relocation. The Global Mobility Coordinator’s role is to prepare the relocating employees, so they have a clear understanding of what to expect at each point of the relocation. They can also ask for advice or practical assistance at any time during the relocation process.

Learning about the new location

We also arrange an Area Orientation for relocating employees, to help them make a smooth transition into the new location. The Area Orientation, also known as the “preview trip” is an excellent opportunity for relocating employees to explore their new surroundings or meet other individuals or families who are also moving into the area.

Choosing the right school

For families with school-aged children, we know that the transfer to a new school will be a big change for the entire family. It is important that any children involved in a relocation are able to make a smooth transition into a new school that is suited to their individual educational needs and also located within a convenient distance of their new home. Santa Fe provides a professional school search program to cover existing and future education plans, for both mainstream and specialist education requirements such as special needs schooling.

The settling in phase

We are committed to making the settling in phase a positive and exciting experience for your relocating employees and their accompanying family members, to ensure they have minimal stress and distractions while they settle into their new home and work. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive range of specialised settling in services that can be tailored according to the specific location and/or the individual family’s needs.

Settling in assistance

Our settling in services provide support and practical assistance to help your relocating employee through the first months in their new location, so they can adjust to their new role, and their family members can adjust to the new environment.

Cultural and language training

The ability to communicate is an essential part of transitioning into a new location. We provide language and cultural training support programs, based on a professional assessment of individual needs, to help your relocating employee integrate more smoothly into their new home and workplace.

Accompanying partner assistance

At Santa Fe, we know that the level of support offered to a supporting partner can be the difference between a successful or failed assignment. The accompanying partner has generally left behind family, friends and made their own career shift in support of this assignment, and can feel a great deal of pressure to make the best of these circumstances in a new environment.
We actively assist partners to acclimatize within their new location, by providing specific Accompanying Partner Assistance through a range of services. These services include helping build career/employment or further education opportunities, or helping them find their niche in the community through voluntary work, expat groups or associations. For accompanying partners who are also struggling with a language barrier, we will help them master the simple essential tasks of daily life, such as supermarket shopping or public transport.

Expense management

Expense management is another essential element of a successful project. Santa Fe provides simple and cost effective consultative expense management services, to help you monitor and manage your relocation expenses and tax reporting. Our compliant and transparent system is tailored to your organisation and relocation program.