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Safety Corner

We have had a very busy start to the 2016 year.  All branches should have received their Safety Folders by now.  If you have not seen these, then speak to your Branch Manager.  These folders contain information regarding the reporting of incidents and contain all the necessary paperwork required.  If you still require some assistance with these, then do not hesitate to give me a call.

During January, we have had a total 14 incidents nationally resulting in one Lost time Injury and 5 Medically treated injuries.

Quite a few of these injuries related to manual handling and could have been prevented.

There are good ways to lift and bad ways to lift.  The bad ways to lift have a potential to cause injury.  Always remember to bend your knees when picking something up and not to bend over the object.  Use your legs to lift not your back.  If the object is too heavy to lift on your own, then ask for assistance – it may take a few moments longer, but it will save your back.


We must all remember to report any incident to our Manager immediately when they occur.  Reporting all incident allows us the opportunity to correct something that may be causing a hazard and therefore prevent any further incidents from occurring.

As we ramp down from our busy period, this is a good time to do some general housekeeping both in the office and in the warehouse areas to that we remove any potential trip hazards that may exist.

If you have any questions regarding any safety issue at your branch, please feel free to call or email me at


As always, remember to always think SAFETY first.